Home Preserving and Canning Adventures

Howdy. Today is the day Corazon Kitchen and Farm starts it on-line adventure. We are embarking on a journey here on this 1/2 acre homestead outside Denver. We grow 60-70% of our own food and we can, preserve and freeze everything we can for the winter. Now we want to share that with the community. We believe in nutritious, local and organic food. Our blog will help take the mystery out of making that happen in your home too....more

Some veggie love

WHAT to do with the vegetables you plant in your backyard? This though crossed my mind when I saw photos of the vegetables posted by Chris Helms a few days ago at Facebook.My question was answered later when Chris posted photos of canned or bottled pickles, beans and tomatoes. Thus I dedicate this article to Jean Helms and her husband Chris....more

Canning & Preserving Base Camp

 Canning & Preserving Base CampWelcome to my blog!  Leave feedback in the Comment section at the bottom of the blog.  Enjoy! Needed: -Mason Jars with two-piece lids (1st piece: flat metal disk with a rubber gasket -        2nd piece: screw-on band made for holding the flat metal disk in place)...more

Raspberry-Chocolate Sundae Topper

Canning homemade Grape Jelly with the kids

Canning isn’t just for grown-ups anymore. Nowadays our next generation is on the path to learn about preserving. From 5 to 95 everyone either knows or is learning what real preserves, jam and homemade jelly is supposed to taste like. My 4H canning group had their monthly meeting on Sunday and we made several jams along with grape jelly. The freezer jam is a great way to get them started. Our grape jelly was our other project....more

Dandelion Jelly Recipe

  Does the idea of Home Canning intimidate you? Some fond memories from my childhood are of canning. ...more
I love this.more

Field Trip To Redland

This is a story of a field trip inspired by ten empty canning jars. My impromptu marmalade making left me with ten brand new half-pint jars that begged to be filled every time my gaze fell upon them. In a moment of brilliance, I started looking up information on South Florida strawberry farms in hopes of filling the jars with farm-fresh strawberry jam....more
What a juicy post! This makes me want to get in the car and travel your path of fresh fruit, ...more

Best Souvenir For Canning Enthusiast

How do you tell I love canning a little too much? Here is how. When I packed for my month-long sojourn in Fort Lauderdale, I included a few kitchen essentials since I anticipated some simple cooking to keep my living expense in check. By simple, I had every intention to keep things uncomplicated. Perhaps a couple batches of cookies or brownies for a treat but nothing ambitious. As I became more comfortable in my daily schedule, the temptation of the gorgeous local fruit grew ever stronger. Finally, I broke down and bought a few organic blood oranges....more

kumquats in honey-ginger syrup

microwave tangerine marmalade

nina corbett nina@putsup.com www.putsup.comDecember 15, 2009...more