Chocolate Chip Cannoli Bites

As much as I loved eating gelato in Italy, Blythe loved cannolis. If you've never had them before, or if you love cannolis as much as we do, you simply must try this recipe. ...more

Holy Cannoli!

Crispy, sweet cannoli at  ||||  Nashville, TN based food blog||  Loosen your bow tie, mint your julep & stop in for a bite to eat!...more

Holiday Desserts: Pumpkin Pizzelle Cannoli

My Aunt Micki gave me her pizzelle maker last year and I’ve been waiting and waiting for Christmas to roll around to use it. Pizzelle’s just scream Christmas to me, but then I thought of this idea—cannoli made with pizzelle cookies instead of the deep-fried dough they’re traditionally made with! And instead the normal sweetened ricotta mixture? Pumpkin ricotta mixture!...more
Just yesterday, for the first time, I thought about "what if" pumpkin and cannoli! I even went ...more

Cannoli Siciliani

"Leave the gun.  Take the cannoli"  The ultimate Italian pastry - Cannoli Siciliani - Crispy shell with creamy ricotta filling - super delicious!...more