REVIEW | Canoe Restaurant

Oliver & Bonacini’s critically acclaimed spaces in the heart of the financial district, Canoe Restaurant, is host to one of the best views of Toronto. We recently had the chance to check it out for Taylor’s birthday, and the experience certainly didn’t disappoint!...more

Share Your Favorite Summer Memories

Happy Solstice, dear bloggers. Summer's arrival launches a season when fashion means sparkly flip-flops, the blender stays out and adventures pile up, right? As Section Editor for this here Life category, which includes travel, I'm making a request. Being the naturally curious and expressive people that bloggers are, we get outside eventually, right? Tell me about it. No, really. Tell me....more


Thanks so much for sharing these lovely posts! You really captured the magic of those ...more

Canadian, Eh?

I have a thing for words and phrases.  I love to learn a word's history and discover the story behind its origin.  Words fascinate me.  Yes...I'm really that nerdy.  I even keep a growing list of favorite words like shenanigans and nincompoop.  But come on!  Who doesn't love shenanigans?   My real fondness though, is for Canadian words.  Okay, I'll admit it's a very short list, but I love 'em just the same - words like tuque, toboggan, portaging and 2-4. ...more

Camping - Pronounced H-E-L-L

It's that time of year. The time that strikes fear in plumbing using, electric loving females everywhere. Tis the season for camping. My husband loves to camp. He asked me to go camping during the "I'm still trying to impress you and show you that I will be the best wife EVER" phase and I agreed. And this first trip will forever be stamped in my brain as the camping trip from hell. Literally, when purgatory won't work - they make you camp. ...more

I HATE camping. Didn't as a kid, but now? No way.

 It's funny that I found this post ...more

I survived Wekiva Springs (Central Florida)

After a bit of a drive up the I-4, past downtown Orlando and somewhere around Apopka (I think) we finally found Wekiva Springs. Oh my goodness this place is beautiful. You forget what real nature looks like when you live in Tourist Town. ...more