Smart tips to make your pasta salads healthier

How many times have you ordered a salad thinking you are doing your waist line a favour.  Ha, many times our salads are loaded with high fat stuff and ladened with, sodium.  Umm, not so good.  Here are 3 little tricks to help build a healthier pasta salad at home.1.  Try the whole wheat pasta varieties.  You will get more fibre than with the white variety and this fibre is the stuff that keeps the pipes clean....more

Mini Guide To A Balanced Diet

What makes a balanced diet? With all the conflicting info on food pyramids and carb counting, it's tough to remember the basics. Here's a breakdown of the nutrients you need for a healthy body—and the foods that provide them. Protein—Protein is necessary for building strong muscles and protecting the immune system. It also helps slow the speed of digestion and makes you feel full faster....more