Are You Ready For Winter Travel?

Happy New Year! 2013 was an amazing and eye-opening year for myself and I know that there is more great things to come. Stay tuned :)...more

Macro/Close-Up Equipment: Cameras, Lenses, Filters & Adapters

Hello everyone,If you are interested in photographing up-close, check out SJP's latest article.  Information for beginners and experienced photographers.Enjoy! Janice SullivanSJP "Sullivan J Photography" ...more

The Camera as Model

On our recent flight back from Tulum, I had a few minutes at the airport with my boyfriend's camera. Finally the camera and I switched places. Canon is the official camera of our family. ...more

Canon Powershot SD1100IS

I've been using a Canon Powershot I2 IS for the full three years now. Very solid camera with a fantastic 12X zoom. Still, I preferred a digital camera to carry in my pocket. So many times I just didn't feel like dragging a big camera with me to parties or events. Canon SD1100IS camera was the thing I was looking for. I now carry it everywhere. ...more

Shakespeare in Purgatory

I watched the passing of a cultural torch not long ago. I saw a group of about thirty high school kids perform an abridged version of Romeo and Juliet, complete with excellent costumes and pretty good sword fights, before a theater half-full of family and friends suffering the purgatory of Shakespeare. By the second half of the play, the teens in the audience were text-messaging their friends, and the adults, slumped in their seats, had ceased troubling to stifle enormous yawns. ...more

Oy.  Thank you, Elizabeth, for responding the way I want to. 

Shakespeare isn't hard, ...more

Canon, Nikon or Independent: the Camera Candidates

What's the difference between a Laurie who shoots with a Nikon and a Laurie who shoots with a Canon again? NO, not lipstick, silly - just a jerk of a camera thief at the DNC. ...more

I currently shoot with a Rebel XT and I happen to really like it, but I do not like the Canon ...more

Farewell My Little Canon

Cross Posted At Megan's Minute. Megan's Minute lost a significant contributor over the Christmas holiday.  In fact it was so disturbing, it's only now I've been able to bring myself to write about it. Sniff, sniff. This contributor captured the beauty of Longwood Gardens.  It roamed the back alleys of the 2007 US Open to document the qualifying rounds.  It was there on opening night when I saw Serena Williams play in person for the first time.  It took every picture of every Handbag Of The Month.  It helped make my beloved Daisy a star. It contributed thousands of words, but never touched a keyboard. ...more