I Know I’ve been Picked Out to be Picked On but Racial Profiling is Wrong!

 It was a Wednesday, midweek upon me, and for the most part the morning started out well. I had little time to get to the store to find one item in particular in preparation for our upcoming Women’s Prayer Breakfast scheduled that following Saturday morning....more
Parthenia Queen I know right. I think it is so sad that we live in a world where racism is still ...more

Are SAHM Mom's Lazy?

I'm writing this with a cup of coffee by my side. My hair is a mess and I have no make up on. I haven't brushed my teeth yet and so far all I've managed to accomplish this morning is putting a few dishes in the sink, dressing my four year old (and doling out a few dozen kisses and hugs) and eating some eggs that my husband made for me.You heard that, right?I didn't even make breakfast for anyone this morning. My oldest fed his sister, my husband fed me and the four year old doesn't want to eat....more
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