Refreshing Caprese Panini Sandwich

 If you liked our Caprese Salad recipe, you will  absolutely love this healthy and delightful Caprese Panini Sandwich recipe!! It was the perfect concoction last week for an afternoon by the ocean. The sandwich left us feeling light, energized and ready to hit the waves. If you are looking for other recipes like this, check out our blog at www.simplysavorynsweet.comKeep smiling, ...more

Vegan Caprese Salad

Who knew you could still create and delicious version of the Caprese Salad. This recipe recreates an italian yummy caprese salad using basil, tomatos, tofu, and balsamic. Definitly perfect for impressing guests over a fancy dinner. For the full recipe Vegan Caprese Salad...more

Summertime Salads - with what's in your cupboard!

When it’s hot out – like it is today at 105 degree heat index – I have no stamina for cooking. There’s just no reason to stand over a hot stove and sweat my life away. So instead, Ricky and I eat a lotof salads in the summer. I’m not someone that plans for salads – I pretty much throw anything that happens to be in my cupboard/fridge into the mix. Since I do know that we eat salads all the time at this time of year, I usually keep a monster bag of unchopped romaine on hand (from Costco, obviously!). I just rinse and use a scissors to slice it into a big bowl!...more

My Favorite Caprese Salad

On a hot and humid summer day, sometimes there’s nothing better than a fresh caprese salad. Keeping the ingredients on hand for this simple recipe is a must in my family. One, because my hubby’s Italian and he loves fresh tomatoes and mozzarella and two because there are weeks when I can’t get enough of this recipe....more

When to Eat a Caprese Salad: AROMA CUCINA

When to Eat a Caprese Salad: AROMA CUCINA'Nuf said. Now eat the damn thing! Buon'apetito!...more

Mothers Day Brunch Spread

Warm Caprese Salad

Warm Caprese Salad...more