4 Surprising Uses for Rum

It may sound like an old wive's tail, but rum can be used for many things other than making cocktails. If you've got a bottle of Captain Morgan rum sitting around the house, you have not only a spiced rum, but a sleeping aid, aphrodisiac, cooking alcohol, muscle relaxant, treatment for the common cold, and even an anti-inflammatory! It's a wonderfully versatile and useful beverage....more
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Tasty, Low-Calorie Holiday Cocktails

 With back-to-back holiday parties filled with free-flowing booze and food this season, holiday weight gain is a battle to be fought every year. This time around, you can fight the good fight with mindful indulgence. The following are tasty, low-calorie holiday cocktails to help you keep trim while you gather and celebrate cheer in spirit of the holidays. 1.  White Cranberry Citrus Punch...more

New Limited Edition Captain Morgan 1671 Commemorative Blend

Looking for a rum that's as tasty and complex as you are? Meet Captain Morgan 1671. -PJ Gach...more