Commenting Hoops: Will You Jump Through Them in Order to Leave a Comment?

I recently turned on comment moderation on my blog for the first time in almost eight years.  My spam situation had gotten out-of-hand, and I was spending inordinate amounts of time during the day jumping onto my blog to delete spam comments that were cluttering up the space.  Spam filters failed me, so I went with the next easiest thing for commenters. ...more
I refuse to leave a blog comment on any blog that uses Captcha, it's the most annoying thing ...more

Top 12 Ways to Repel Your Readers

I'm not only an avid blog reader, I'm also a pretty prolific commenter (not quite in the league with A, but who is?). Let me share with you some of my pet peeves, the annoyances that mar an otherwise brilliant space. Here's a check list, in no particular order, so that you can visit your own blog as a visitor and evaluate yourself.❏ 1. You put your comment link only at the top of your post....more
Amen sister. I HATE Captcha and you are so right about the comments, the search, all of it.more

Dear Fellow Bloggers

I am not a robot.  I promise.I don't like having to prove I am a human.  It's very frustrating for me. You see... I really stink at those Captcha things.  In fact, I can promise you that it will take me at least 3 5 7 attempts to get the code right.  Picture it.  Me, leaning over keyboard to get my nose as close as possible to the screen.  Muttering to myself......more

Blogging Tip: How to Remove the CAPTCHA from the New Blogger

Grace Duffy from Formerly Gracie recently shared a quick and easy tutorial on how to remove CAPTCHA (word verifcation) from the commenting system on the newly designed Blogger interface. She writes, ...more



Defining Basic Blogging Terms, Part 3

Thank you for sticking with me as I've defined basic blogging terms over the last three weeks. This is the last week for the blogging glossary; next week I'll be defining and discussing social media terms....more

It's always frustrating when things don't work out--especially when you've hired someone to do a ...more

Bloggers discuss Captcha, petition Yahoo! for Better Solution

One thing every blogger can agree on is that spam sucks valuable time away from what actually needs to be done. One solution to this issue has been Captcha, which is one method for figuring out if a creator of an account is really human. But, the captchas actually lock out the visually impaired if not designed correctly. Apetitionhas been started to ask Yahoo! to make their site, and captchas, accessible to the visually impaired.I discuss this issue more at my blog. ...more