Stretching the Family's Finances: Getting More Miles Out of the Car

I remember when a friend told me, "Why don't you get your own car? The money you spend on commuting would have been your payment for a car installment plan." It sounded like good advice - besides, I had always wanted my own car, imagining the comforts it brings: no more waiting for a cab, no more really bad service, and no more life-or-death commutes....more

It's the Little Things That Elude Foster Youth

I was 25 years old when I experienced my first flat tire. I had only been driving for four years at that point since, in my day, foster children weren’t allowed to get licenses. I got my driver’s license at age 21, and was only able to get a car because my last foster mother co-signed a car loan on a very nice and reliable used car....more

Childhood middle seat misery makes you stronger.

Ever wondered how in-car dynamics such as seating positions can impact on us as people? I must admit, the subject has never troubled me. For the last thirty years, I've occupied the front passenger seat. But what about riding in a car as a child? According to a study, a lot can be revealed in this unique environment which places everyone together in a confined space. Often this orientation can directly reflect or influence our personalities....more

10 things for your car's vomit kit

 Vomit kit? It just sounds fun, doesn’t it? Nobody likes vomit; not the person getting sick and especially not the person cleaning it up. And it feels 10 times worse when it’s your poor baby getting sick in the car. Being a mom of two kids, I can now say that I have treaded the waters of cleaning up after unexpected sickness while on the road....more

Roadtrip Rookies: Before you hit the road...

Image: Can't I Just Orbit?...more

Breaking Down-the thing we all dread!

A couple of days ago I was on my way to work and was stopped at a red light in heavy traffic and then it happened. My car shut off. There I was in the left hand lane of this four lane highway and I cringed. I could feel myself going   starting to go into a panic attack. I knew I was supposed to have roadside assistance so I dialed the number from my cell phone.The voice said press 1 if you need roadside assistance so I pressed 1,then,the voice said invalid response and I was then disconnected,Yikes!...more

Protect Yourself from Leaving Your Child in Your Car

It's a horrible situation that unfortunately occurs much more often than we think: children are left behind in cars when parents go to work, and during cases of extreme weather in the summer and winter months, children have died. It's a mistake that literally any sleep-deprived or off-schedule parent could make lest we think it couldn't happen to us. ...more
I had a friend who solved this problem by always leaving his wallet in the back of his car ...more

On The Road Travel Tips

Since we have driven to Florida almost every year since 2003 for vacation, my family is well versed in the world of “travel by car”.  Hopefully you find some of these tips helpful! Before you leave: ...more

We Bought a Convertible: My Not Midlife Crisis

I stared at the phone in my hand. My sister had texted me two words: MIDLIFE CRISIS. Because I sent her a pic of a convertible I saw while driving home with my seven-year-old daughter. But I bought one, anyway. ...more
 @Rita Arens  It really was! It's funny how we can feel sentimental about our cars :)more

Beulah as Biographer

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home My Life.As told by Beulah, my car.That's right, my car.A car can tell a lot about a person, didja ever notice?For instance,I've got kids.Lots of kids.With kids comes the need for spare essentials in the back of the car.Essentials such as crayonscoloring bookshairbrusheshairbandssockssweatshirtsblanketsumbrellasword-find puzzle booksMad Libsused napkinsnearly empty french fry carton...more