The US failing healthcare system: My insurance covers gender reassignment surgery but not pain treatment for car accident?

I have nightmares about medical bankruptcy. Especially if the car insurance company responsible for my medical bills somehow eludes paying them....more

I Never Thought I'd Write About A Near Death Experience

You always get to read about someone else's near death experience. You see and hear stories on TV or read about them and it always shocks you or sends a chill down your spine. You think "wow, I could never imagine going through that". You tell yourself and pray that you never have to experience anything that scary. Next thing you know you're in a car, feeling every single time it rolls over, hearing your friends yelling, brakes screeching and metal crushing and all of a sudden you're wondering to yourself if this is going to be the moment you die or not....more

Moving On Too Soon - Thomas Watson Piper

Moving On Too Soon - Thomas Watson Piper Death is a distant rumor to the young. ~Andrew A. Rooney...more

Why I Have Never Done Drugs  ...more

#NaBloPoMo A post a day keeps your family away

This post is unrelated to what I normally like to talk about...but also not really.  Since November 1st I have been participating in the BlogHer NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month,  where you post every single day. ...more

Sleep Deprivation and Its Consequences

Before I begin this post, I just want you to rest assured that my kids are still breathing and somehow managed to make it through infancy with a Panda Mom like me. It's amazing that I also made it alive through the long, tortuous period of sleep deprivation. How do other parents do it?...more

Give Thanks

I keep finding myself adjusting to independence and responsibility in difficult ways. On Saturday, I was ready to face my day with resolve and productivity; unfortunately, I learned that my plans do not always dictate the direction of my day....more
Thanks, Isabel! I certainly felt protected that day.more


 The morning after. Thank God Nissan builds good cars....more
@sassymonkey Dear Sassymonkey, Thank you. I'm glad you're listening :)more

crashing memories

this is what i remember of that daythe day of the car accident.**** i was four.we were on our way to pre-school.i couldn't wait to get there(i think we were going to stomp on grapes)i was bouncing up and down, up down on the bench seatof our white plymouth'mommy, hurry up! hurry up!'we were going to be late,i'd miss the bus to go'hurry up! hurry up!' it was slippery, leaves on bendy, twisting River Road'hurry up! hurry up!'bounce, bounce, bounce...more

The Phone Call We all Dread

     Wednesday night 9:45 my phone rings with my crying daughter on the other end they’ve just been in a car accident.       Rushing to the scene felt like the longest 2 miles I have ever had to drive.  Unfortunately I have been in 3 car accidents, however pulling over and seeing three of your children (though 2 are only biologically the third is a dear friend who is my blonde daughter)  standing next to a crashed car truly takes your breath away.  Though the two cars are in pretty bad shape all involved survived....more