3 Resources That Empower Women Buying Cars

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What if Buying a Pizza Was Like Buying a Car?

My own personal version of Hell might just look like a car dealership. Buying a car is the only situation that I can think of where you start at one price, only to be haggled UP by the person selling to you. Somehow, the salesman always makes you feel like you are at their mercy - like you are so woefully undeserving of the car that you are trying to purchase, and they are just doing you a favor by trying to take your money. When else would we allow ourselves to be treated this way? How would it be if restaurants operated like this?...more

Why Does Buying a Car Have to be So Frustrating?

I'm a methodical girl. I take my time to research things I'm going to buy, and buying a car is no different. I've spent months thinking about what car I'm going to buy to replace my aging VW Passat wagon. I've eliminated car after car and finally had a somewhat short list of cars to research further. I spent time on the internet learning about each of the cars on my list. I put together spreadsheets comparing the different cars until the only thing left to do was actually go out and drive each of them....more
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Driving to the Altar

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Sticker Shock

Darling husband and I went car shopping last Saturday for the first time in about seven years.  I have a ten year old Ford Escape that I still like but the mileage is really high, and though it has been pretty meticulously maintained by darling husband and the local Ford dealership, it is probably time to send it on to wherever old cars go.  About three years ago, I went with my friend to a Nissan dealership in Nashville and while she was purchasing her Altima, I checked out the Rogue....more

Twin Sisters Jory and Julie Buy Twin Audis

What are the odds of a pair of twin sisters buying exactly the same car at the same time for the same reasons? Well, that is exactly what happened, kind of freaky, huh? Behavior geneticists compare how alike one twin is with the other twin on whatever variable they are interested in; in my case this study is about two twin sisters named Jory and Julie and their car-buying behavior. ...more


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Top Car Buying Tips For Picking the Best Vehicle at the Best Price

Now is a great time to buy a new car. There are plenty of manufacturer incentives and even 0% interest on some vehicles. I recently interviewed the Editor in Chief of Carzen.com, Lauren Fix, to find out what tips she could share about Buying a Car. Here are some of the tips she shared and general information about making an auto purchase. ...more

The main think to consider while buying a new car is to check the mileage of the car and then go ...more

Tis the Season for Smart Savvy Women to Get a Great Car Deal

AskPatty.com Launches the Ultimate Experience for Smart Savvy Women Car Buyers ...more

The Longest Hour of My Life – The Finance Office of a Ford Dealership

Not too long ago I purchased a Ford Fusion (which I later tried to sell unsuccessfully, but that's another rant) and through the purchase I learned quite a bit about the auto purchasing process, including finance. ...more