Bread Spread?

Oh, joy.I just got a call from Honda. My minivan’s “check engine” light was not indicating a minor something. It was indicating a major something. Namely my CO2 sensor and catalytic converter have both gone to live with Jesus. The cost, for parts and labor, will be about one thousand smackaroos. That is more clams than I would like to produce from my particular estuary.Again with the oh, joy....more
Denise LunaFCSYay!!more

How to Decide If You Need a New Car

As the driver of one very old Honda who is now commuting almost 1.5 hours a day because of a new job, thoughts of getting a new car have crept into my head. After all, a new car will be more comfortable, with more up-to-date features, and will be more resilient to the more than 300 miles of driving I do a week. But, driving an old car usually makes economic sense. Older cars cost less to insure, and they are more likely to be paid off. ...more