The Safest Place for the Tiniest Travelers

I don't believe in changing ones lifestyle once children arrive, you adjust and go on with it.  Since having children, we have been avid travelers, even seeing more than we ever did before adding three kids to our lives.  We take every opportunity we can to see new things, travel and share the world with our children.  My daughters have been to 27 different countries and we are always looking to add more (read about all the places we've been and all the things we've seen)...more

Safety Advice Is Not Parenting Judgment

When I see a child incorrectly buckled or in an inappropriate car seat, either in a picture online or in person, I often have an instinctive reaction to mentally note the problems and an internal debate as to whether to say something to the parent. I rarely say anything, as I don't want to start an argument or offend anyone or seem judgmental....more

Fitting Three Children on Your Car's Back Seat

 "I hate to give up my hatchback, but with the third baby coming, we need to buy a minivan." You hear this a lot. Even if you have two young children, you can't offer a ride to a friend because the extra child seat won't fit in the back row.Do manufacturers of child seats get a kickback from manufacturers of minivans?...more

Stealth-Adjusting a Car Seat: Right or Wrong?

I have a rule for myself, when it comes to the things I feel I know something about. That rule is: I don't give advice unless I'm asked. If someone asks me for help with breastfeeding, I'll jump in with both feet and tell them everything I know. If they don't ask for help or advice, I keep my mouth shut. If someone asks for help with their car seats, I'll throw at them everything I know. If they don't ask, I won't say anything, even if I can see how poorly their kids are buckled. I tend to assume my friends are intelligent, know when to ask for help, and want what's best for their kids....more

Take off winter jackets in car seats

Today I'm bringing you a safety bulletin for winter car safety when you're driving with little ones.Heavy winter coats don't belong on kids in carseats. ...more

That's a good point! And even without an accident, it can be annoying to re-dress them every ...more

My Kid Has to Sit in a Car Seat for How Long?

One of my co-workers was looking into convertible car seats the other day. She asked me my opinion about car seats, and boy, was she in for it. My daughter, who's now a svelte five-year-old, was such a large baby that she grew out of her carrying-case car seat (you know, the infant kind you lug around, giving yourself permanent back pain?) when she was four months old. You heard me right. ...more
Great post! I believe many parents like me encounter such cases. Thanks for sharing your ...more

A wreck and a Ford

A wreck and a Ford ...more

A Car Seat Crisis - Coping with a new addition

Jeffrey still goes to daycare about 2-3 times per week in order not to lose his spot.   Today was the first time that I took Jeffrey in my car.  This is the conversation that went on when he saw that I had switched his car seat from the back of the passenger side to behind me in order to put Tyler's car seat where his USED to be. Jeffrey (who took one look and started crying):  "Why is my car seat moved?" Me:  "You're sitting behind me now because I wanted you to be closer to me (trying an approach)". ...more

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged

Everyone was quick to judge Britney Spears a couple of years ago, when she drove a car with her son on her lap, rather than in his car seat. My pre-mom self wondered, how could she be so stupid, so careless, so unconcerned for her child's welfare?! ...more

PSA: Use Car Seats!

I'm not sure what the requirements are in other provinces/countries, but I know for a fact that in Ontario it is the law. Here are the requirements for children up to the age of eight. According to the government website, failure to comply means $110 fine and 2 demerit points. ...more