Think Twice Before Renting a Car Seat on Vacation

You've done all the planning and spending, and you're finally embarking on a much-needed family vacation. You've even reserved a rental car with a car seat for baby, so that you don't have to lug yours. So smart! Unless it's not, of course. While rental car companies offer infant and toddler car seats as an "added convenience" (and at an additional charge, of course), it turns out that the reality may be worse than you could've possibly imagined. ...more
robinnixon My husband, my then 3 year old boy and I went to Germany last summer, to Frankfurt, ...more

What Can You Do If You See Car Seat Misuse?

I'm nosy about car seats. I like to know what seats people have. I like to watch them buckle their kids, or unbuckle them, or watch the kids buckle themselves. I like to offer help when a friend is purchasing or installing a new seat....more
I'm also fanatical about car seat safety and agree with everything you said and follow most of ...more

Help! My Son Hates His Car Seat!

Reader Question: My son is 10 weeks old and HATES the car seat. It's the only place where I obviously can't pick him up to soothe him when he's crying. He'll seriously go from being a happy and content baby to crying even before we've strapped him in. Is there a way I can make the car seat a happy place for him?...more

Car Seat Safety: Would you Ever...

As parents, we all constantly make decisions about the safety and well-being of our children. Often these choices are made out of convenience or other reasons, but there are many situations where convenience should not trump safety and this is the case in many instances of car seat safety.  ...more

What Not to Buy Used for Baby: Tips from a Consignment Store Owner

It might seem funny to hear from a consignment store owner on what NOT to buy gently used, but of course I have some good reasons! Most important is safety for the families, especially the young children who are my customers and friends. Here are the Top 3 Things NOT to Buy Gently Used: 1) A Car Seat: While car seats can be pricy, new ones have no bad history....more
Exactly what I thought - We have three friends having babies all around the same time and we ...more

The Car Seat Blog! (important car seat safety tips that every parent needs to know)

My friend Emma is a Child Passenger Safety Technician which is fancy-talk for saying that she is certified in installing car seats correctly and safely into vehicles. In our circle of friends she's known as the Car Seat Goddess. What this means in application is that she is approached, a lot, with car seat questions. ...more

Take off winter jackets in car seats

Today I'm bringing you a safety bulletin for winter car safety when you're driving with little ones.Heavy winter coats don't belong on kids in carseats. ...more

That's a good point! And even without an accident, it can be annoying to re-dress them every ...more

What is your child's safety worth?

On Thursday, I received a curious thing in the mail: a letter from the manufacturer of the car seat Adrien was sitting in at the time of the wreck (Dorel Juvenile Group). I was expecting one envelope from them -- containing shipping labels with which to return said defective seat -- but I received two. I also received a box from them that day, but more on that later. ...more

1 Year and 20lbs - how you pain me!!!!

The kids were dropped off early at school today as Daddy was going in for a little outpatient surgery.  As I was getting the kids out of the car, my eagle eye (as always) spotted that the car seat in the vehicle next to me was not installed correctly - the lower anchor LATCH strap was all twisted.  I hummed and hawed in my mind about whether I say anything to the Mom as I followed her into the building behind her.  I decided I had to mention something - just a quick in passing, "hey, noticed your car seat is not installed correctly - I'm a tech - I could take a look at it for you on ...more