I Hate Car Seats

I hate my car seats. I hate using them. I hate the buckle-fest that goes on every time I have to take my kids anywhere. I hate waiting for them to climb in or wrestling my toddler into his seat. I hate moving car seats. I hate playing around with them to find the best fit. I hate that we own upwards of seven car seats for three kids. I hate that I can't just hop into someone else's car with my kids unless I lug around 50 pounds worth of car seats, too....more
I think car seats are the cause of postpartum. Anyway, I am so HAPPY and THRILLED to death, ...more

Can Car Seats Be Recycled?

I've been hearing concerns about child car seat disposal, namely, can they be recycled? Car seats are the only piece of kid gear required by law and, in some places, for kids up to age 8, so one child could have two or three different seats before they graduate to standard safety belt. With four million babies born in the U.S. annually, and each requiring three car seats before age eight, Americans buy as many as 12 million seats a year. And even though 90 percent of the materials are recyclable, where does all that metal, foam, fabric and molded plastic end up?...more
recycling all (safe) baby items is a wonderful idea and is the inspiration for a new ...more

The Car Seat Blog! (important car seat safety tips that every parent needs to know)

My friend Emma is a Child Passenger Safety Technician which is fancy-talk for saying that she is certified in installing car seats correctly and safely into vehicles. In our circle of friends she's known as the Car Seat Goddess. What this means in application is that she is approached, a lot, with car seat questions. ...more

Maybe I need a lighter kid.

We made a big switch over the weekend. We ditched the infant car seat and now use convertible car seats.The big difference is that the convertible seat stays in the car. It's not a "carrier" like the infant seat was. Ryan was going to outgrow the infant carrier in like 10 minutes. Plus, I just could not carry him in that thing any more. Twenty pounds of baby + 5 pounds of car seat + total awkward bulkiness + the need to carry 9 million other things = baby elbow....more

New Car Seat Guidelines from the AAP Get Parents Talking

The American Academy of Pediatrics shook up the parenting world with their new guidelines for car seat use. For the first time since 2001, the AAP made an official change to their previous statement as to how long infants and toddlers should remain rear-facing in their car seats and how long children should be in booster seats. The change extends the time that children should be rear-facing or in a booster seat. ...more

My friend is 4' 11" & 35 - and she almost needs a booster! I'm 5'2" and often feel that the ...more

Take off winter jackets in car seats

Today I'm bringing you a safety bulletin for winter car safety when you're driving with little ones.Heavy winter coats don't belong on kids in carseats. ...more

That's a good point! And even without an accident, it can be annoying to re-dress them every ...more

Scenes from an Airport (A Cautionary Tale)

As we approached the airport, I told Parker in a firm Mommy voice, “Parker, there will be times in the airport that you need to be in your stroller.”  Parker said gingerly, “Ok!”  I have dealt with Parker and airports three different times, every time I have been alone – without my husband.  Although I knew deep down that everything would be alright and we would, most likely, arrive at our destination alive, the anxious pit in my stomach started to churn as we approached the airport. My mom stopped the car at curbside check-in to drop us off, and insta...more

I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh. But I have to. As a mom who has been there... and survived... I ...more

The Hope of Evolving: Laws Concerning Booster Car Seats

The Evolution of Beings I love the fact that I am constantly evolving as ...more

What is your child's safety worth?

On Thursday, I received a curious thing in the mail: a letter from the manufacturer of the car seat Adrien was sitting in at the time of the wreck (Dorel Juvenile Group). I was expecting one envelope from them -- containing shipping labels with which to return said defective seat -- but I received two. I also received a box from them that day, but more on that later. ...more