How to buy a gas sipper for LESS

Rising gas prices. Energy security. Global climate change. Each one a good reason to work on raising the fuel economy of our vehicles. The CAFE 2025 standard calls for the US fleet of passenger cars and light trucks to achieve an average mileage of 54.5 mpg by 2025, up from 27.5 mpg in 2011. Just about every news article and blog covering CAFE 2025 states that the new standard will add, on average, $3000 to the purchase price of a car (but the savings at the pump amount to a lot more than that over the car's lifetime). ...more

The Dog Ate My Oxygen

CNN reported on a book "Time to Eat the Dog? The Real Guide to Sustainable Living" by Robert and Brenda Vale, which asserts that dogs are as bad for the environment as driving an SUV, because they are carnivores and a lot of land is required to produce dog food....more

Recycling to feel good

So here I am again....glad to be! Every monday and thursday, the trash truck comes twice. Once for regular trash and once for recyclable trash. How many of us really gather stuff that we like to recycle every week. Does everyone even knows the list of items that can be recycled Recycling is just one more thing to feel good and sometimes bad about myself. If I do it, I feel good. If I don't I feel guilt....and believe me guilt has been piling for a longtime now.....that it needs recycling ;-) ...more

After Copenhagen, Depend on Women to Keep the Momentum on Climate Change

by Kim Knowlton Kim Knowlton, Science Fellow on Global Warming and Health for the Natural Resources Defense Council, has been reporting from Copenhagen for Women's Media Center. Below, Knowlton reports that as WVFC readers may have expected, the real heavy lifting on climate change is and will be done by women, many of whom have experienced its effects firsthand.- Ed....more

Earth Promise: Young Green Philanthropists

What do kids really need these days when it comes to giving and receiving birthday gifts? ...more

Earth Promise: Organic? In This Economy?

If you ask someone why they eat organic, they will most probably engulf you with reasons: tastes better/fresher; better for the environment (no pesticides means healthier soil, water and wildlife); supports small farmers; too much trucking/shipping involved to receive the food; and the top reason: better for your health. ...more

Earth Promise: Celebrating Just Got A Little Bit Greener

My friends and family often tell me I come up with great green ideas for my girls’ birthday parties and annual Thanksgiving feast.   I have either emailed the birthday invitations or printed them on recycled paper; I present ...more

Earth Promise: Yard Waste is Green and Useful

What do you do with your yard waste (i.e. grass, weeds, small branches, leaves and plant clippings)?  Do you compost?  Do you bag it for curbside pickup? ...more

Earth Promise: The Environmental Journey is Underway

Nathan is on the road.  On May 10, 2009, Lancaster, Pennsylvania native, Nathan Winters hopped on his bike to unite his love of nature with his love of exploration hoping to draw attention to support the conservation of land and nature.   Belfast, Maine was his launching point and he’ll finish across the continent in Seattle. ...more