A FUNctional Workout...

It's hard to notice fitness progress when you work at it day in and day out. Yea you know if your lifting heavier weights or that your able to do more reps, but what about form or physical progress? Yes I want to be able to bench press my body weight but I also want to know that I look better doing it!...more

What does my Blood Pressure mean?

People are getting their blood pressure checked before every appointment they have with HCPs, but I feel like many times people are told what their pressure is, then they are reassured that “it’s good” or “we need to watch that”…and’s that’s it!  It seems to be a big question to many people of what their blood pressure should be and what the numbers actually mean? It’s a shame that more Healthcare Practitioners (HCP’s) don’t explain it to you, but increasing your own blood pressure (bp) IQ is a great place to start to improve your wellness!...more

Your Blood Type Can Determine Your Risk of Heart Disease?

There has been some interesting research coming out lately looking at various blood types (Type A, B, AB, or O) as an indicator for risk of heart disease.  To me, this is really fascinating, because there are so many times that people come up to me and tell me a horrible story about someone who is totally fit, eats right, young, and then "drops dead of a heart attack" (a quote I hear a lot).  I always think that there has to be a family history, something undiagnosed, or a predisposing factor....more

Does your Heart ever flutter?

http://www.nursebridgid.com/2012/10/does-your-heart-ever-flutter.html   ...more

Lower your Cholesterol levels with FOOD!

http://www.nursebridgid.com/2012/09/lower-your-cholesterol-levels-with-f... Cholesterol is always one of those buzz words that people talk about and a health issue that they are worried about. It is something that we should all be screened for, and keep in our thoughts when we eat daily. As part of a healthy lifestyle, adding certain food to our diets can help to naturally remove the "bad" cholesterol from our bodies and increase the "good" cholesterol.What kinds of Cholesterol are there?...more

Atrial Fibrillation (AFib): Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

http://www.nursebridgid.com/2012/09/atrial-fibrillation-afib-symptoms-ca... Atrial fibrillation is a very common cardiac issue, although I am hearing about more and more people being diagnosed with it, and I am getting lots of questions from readers about this diagnosis.  Again, it is very common, and I think that people should be aware of the symptoms, the causes, and the treatment of this cardiac arrhythmia (and arrhythmia is just when the heart beats at an abnormal rate or rhythm.)...more