Common Fitness Mistakes According to a World-Class Trainer

Women who want to improve their bodies and overall health have lots of options and choices, with all sorts of diets, exercise programs and supplements to choose from.  To narrow down what really works, we asked Mike Davies, a trainer with over 20 years of experience whose clients include some of the top-ranked fitness professionals in the country as well as thousands of regular people from all walks of life. He recently launched The Cardio Boss fitness app that delivers ten fat-scorching, calorie-burning cardio workouts....more

Recommended Cardio Work Outs!!

Everyone knows cardio is an important part of your work out, but that it can also get super boring super fast if you never change it up.For classes, I definitely recommend Zumba and other things that involve dance, which at my school, is called Cardio Funk, so that may vary by name at your gym.Those classes are super fun and super varied so that you don't get bored. But now that I have two jobs and five classes, it's really hard for me to get to the gym when they have classes scheduled - so I've started relying some more on machines and running outside....more

Go Big or Go Home :)

So my theory about working out is as simple as the title: Go Big or Go Home. Now, I'm not saying push yourself so hard that you end up injured. Don't do that. That's a bad idea. What I am saying is push yourself outside of your comfort zone. (Disclaimer: I'm too young (& a broke college student) to be liable for anything so check with your physician before attempting anything.) :) :) Anyways, today in zumba was ROUGH. I mean that in the best way possible....more

Frugal Fitness: Get a Great Workout for Free

The trick to finding exercise that you love is to try everything but as anyone who has looked at the impressive offering of classes (Trapeze! Hanging yoga! Pilates Reformer!) at an Equinox gym and then looked at the price to become a member of Equinox will know - exercise ain't cheap. But it can be, and I'm going tell you how to not only get in on the fun for a discount, but often for free. ...more
Love these tips!  I'd never thought about doing reviews on the blog!  Will definitely be asking ...more

Lose Fat and Gain The Body of Your Dreams

   At 50 I made the choice to get fit, get healthy and stay that way forever.  My entire adult life had involved going on one fad diet after another and always regaining every ounce that I lost, and usually more.  Let's face it, we all know the kind of foods that make us fat, that inconsistent exercise isn't effective and that we are responsible for the choices we make...good or bad.  There's no better time&n...more

~ because my best friend swears cardio won't help anyone lose weight ~

My best friend is also trying to lose weight ... like the rest of the world.  When we have weight loss successes, even when it's a pound, we text each other for support.  We also text each other when we seem to be leveling off.  Recently when I was experiencing one of these plateau sort of weeks, my friend asked, "Maybe the cardio isn't working? I mean, I know it's good for your heart, but you should be doing something more to lose weight"  My immediate reaction was to google the hell out of this ......more

any exercise is good exercise!!more

my {first} date with jillian michaels

Yep, it's true.This morning I cheated on Shaun T. {I have to say - I'm a little jealous if you don't know who he is. That would mean that you don't currently torture yourself multiple times a week doing his totes insane workouts, like I do} Just kidding, Shaun T. Kind of....more

Circuit Training: A Great Idea! (For Other People)

I was thinking that since we're still in New Years resolution season, it might be a good idea to write about How To Get Started With Strength Training. But then I remembered: Whoops, I wrote that post already. So instead I thought: how about discussing circuit training? Circuit training is a clever and efficient way to do cardio and strength training all at the same time! ...more

I'm a personal trainer, so I should know better, but I generally hate cardio. I do it, ...more

Treadmill Challenge

Think you are getting a great workout on the treadmill? Think again! I caught an interesting take on why treadmills are NOT the best choice for fat loss. I have been teaching women for the past few years that short burst intervals beat steady state cardio time and time again when it comes to working out for fat loss. ...more