Variety Equals Success!

I think I have finally arrived at my sweet spot friends!  I feel like I have fought and fought and fought and fought and worked to find something that works with me and my life and my family and I think I have finally gotten there!...more
Being flexible is pun intended! I work out with Insanity form Beachbody as well as run ...more

Why Cardio Is Important

In keeping with the American Heart Association Heart Month theme, I want to talk more about your heart health and why getting your heart rate up is important.Did you know that just like the other muscles in your body, your heart is a muscle and needs exercising, too.  And also, just like your other muscles will atrophy when not used, your heart muscle will atrophy as well....more
I love it! I'll do lunges to when I'm at work and no one is looking! ;)more