Fighting Back From the Holidays


2-4-6-8: Cardio You Can Appreciate!

Everyone knows that cardio is an important part of a balanced fitness routine. It’s recommended that we get thirty minutes of cardiovascular (aerobic) activity at least three days out of the week, at a minimum. But just because you’re logging the time, does that mean you’re getting the benefits? How difficult should it be? How much of an effort is required to ensure you’re burning tons of calories, getting the heart health benefits, and continually challenging your body so it constantly improves? ...more

Circuit training: A total body workout

Circuit training gained notice in recent years with the rise of facilities like Curves. While questions have been raised about the effectiveness of the Curves program, the underlying concept of circuit training can pay off if done correctly. And circuit training is yet another type of exercise you can successfully adapt for use at home.   ...more

Blast your cardio with interval training

Bored with your cardio workout, or just pressed for time? Interval training may be the ticket to reinvigorate your routine and get better results in less time. And it’s not just for runners.   ...more

Get To Stretching!

The importance of cardiovascular exercise had been researched and proven to be necessary for a healthy heart, right?  Whether we walk, run, kickbox, or do aerobics, we aim to sweat and get that heart rate elevated.  But often, the most dedicated cardio king or queen can be seriously lacking flexibility.  This lack of flexibility can cause some very alarming issues.   I’ve seen young runners, in their early twenty’s, no ...more

Boot Camp

So today I was experiencing the following symptoms, nausea, extreme fatigue, dizziness, numbness of my lower extremities, shortness of breath, elevated heart rate and headache. I could taste spaghetti coming up. I knew something was not right. I was about to cry out for someone, anyone to call 911. I took a deep breath and looked around. Satan just kept on jogging with a smile on her face. How could she be so happy, I was going to pass out. “One more lap!” she said cheering me on. ...more

Boot camp is not for babies

Whatever misguided notion I had when I enrolled in a four-week fitness boot camp should have disolved by the time the next one started. Why, then, did I make the monumentally stupid decision to sign up for another session? I've probably asked myslef this question no fewer than 100 times a day, particularly at o'dark-thirty as I'm driving to the gym. I still don't have a good answer. The best thing I can come up with is that I need results and four weeks fo working out while eating the same old crap did nothing to tighten the jiggle, reduce the wiggle and drop the pounds. ...more

Fitness Is Discipline Over Decades

I took over seven years of piano lessons when I was a kid. I really liked my piano teacher. She was the minister’s wife at the First Christian Church and I played very well during the actual thirty minutes of my lesson. But could I actually play you a song today? Or even thirty years ago when I was fresh from my lessons? No. And do you know why? My dirty little piano secret is that I never practiced like I should’ve in the six days between one lesson and the next. So the burning question really is: would I be a better pianist today if I’d applied myself and practiced back then? ...more

Cardio blast

Want a quick fat blaster? Now that I'm taking spinning class a few times a week, I've been neglecting my weight training a bit. But like most women, I don't like to spend an entire session lifting weights. For some reason, I just don't feel like I've had my workout until I get a good heart pump and sweat going. Today, I devoted 45 minutes to training my chest and triceps, and then with my final 20 minutes, I did this lovely little fat blaster: ...more

10 tips for getting out of a rut

I did two new things today: I worked out in the afternoon instead of in the morning, and I took a hip-hop cardio class. I know neither one of these things are any big deal to most people, but I am such a creature of habit that if I have to deviate much from my routine I tend to get a little nervous. It's not that I think the sky will fall if I don't stick to the plan, but I know what works in my life and I have the management of it down to a science. Except lately, I just don't have the sort of enthusiasm I used to have. I go to the gym faithfully, but I haven't been as energized by it. I'm in a rut. Ruts happen at the gym just like they happen in relationships, careers, or anywhere else. The thing with a rut is that the longer you stay in it, the deeper it grows and the more entrenched you become. The best way to get out of a rut is to deliberately do something different. Going to the gym at a different time than usual means seeing new people. Taking a cardio class instead of doing a machine workout means creating a new experience for my body, too. So, if you are in a rut, or if you just think that variety is the spice of life, try these 10 tips for shaking things up: ...more