Rules to Live By!

The all-anticipated post! Here we go. This is what I tell EVERY patient that gives me the general question "So, Doc, what can I do to prevent cancer, heart disease, stroke, death...etc etc..". Well, here it is. My rules to LIVE by!! ...more

BlogHer Talks to Gordon Tomaselli, President of the American Heart Association

I was fortunate to interview Dr. Gordon Tomaselli, the president of the American Heart Association so he could tell the women of BlogHer about this important program and other steps that will lead to heart health. We're surrounded by hearts in February anyway, but this message will last a lot longer and provide far greater benefits than a box of chocolates. ...more
 @Jane Collins Also, I facebooked your post on two separate accounts, mine and my daughters.  I ...more

Alarm Clocks and Heart Attacks: Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays

Voldemort, the Joker, the Decepticons. We've had some decent villains in our time. But no villain is as persistent and reviled as the one that sits right next to our beds: the alarm clock. Oh, that wicked little instrument of cruel and unusual torture. There is no escaping it. No matter how hard or how often we slam that snooze button, the dreaded sound is back again the following morning. And then the morning after that. And the one after that. Is that dramatic? Why else do you suppose so many heart attacks happen on Monday mornings? ...more
The final link is the same as the third link, i.e., ...more

Go Red for Wear Red Day and Help Raise Heart Disease Awareness

In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of cardiovascular health, the American Heart Association is kicking off American Heart Month with National Wear Red Day. Since its inception in 2002, the red dress has become a symbol of heart disease awareness among women, and through Wear Red Day, participants continue to spread awareness, reminding themselves and those in their lives that heart disease doesn't care who you are or what you wear: it is still very much the number one killer of women. ...more

Heart to Heart: Women's Voices For Change

by Katharine Johnson ...more