How Alcohol Ruins a Promising Career

For a moment, allow me to stop the pretension and lies common in contemporary advisories. You agree, without question, that alcohol is not bad. Alcohol cannot be bad. In fact, even most of the Seniors of the Boomers generation knows it too. Now, how do you celebrate your hard work? What else is a better reward for your daily commitment? Is it really asking for too much when taking just a moment to chill?...more

Making the Right Career Choice- 5 Career Tips

There are myriad of career choices and making the right choice may become one of the most difficult conundrum for students or starters. Making the informed decisions, getting the right advice, and hard work are the keys to a good career. Often many students end up making the wrong choice or they're not able to put the hard work behind their decision leaving them feeling disappointing with their career. Hard work itself won’t do anything, you have to be doing smart work too. Following are some of the tips that will help you get success in your career....more

Social media sites like Facebook greatly contribute to career opportunities and advancement in career fields

Major social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter have over the time played an integral role in the various career opportunities, which are available throughout the world both for academic and for business purposes. This has been enabled by various factors all linked up to the social network platforms which have been made more user friendly....more

My Labor Day Wish for America

The 2013 State of the American Workplace Report found that 70% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs. This discontentment basically boils down to the following: the majority of our fellow Americans feel overworked, under-paid, engaged in work that is uninspiring, and under-appreciated by their employers. Something’s got to give.It’s my sincere wish that by the time, God willing, we say goodbye to next summer and celebrate yet another Labor Day, there will be a profound change for the better in the employment mood of our nation....more

How to Maximize Your Social Work Degree

Are you thinking about becoming a social worker? Then continue reading for a few tips that will help you maximize your social work degree. It's time to get out there and start making a positive difference in the lives of others....more

The Buddhist Actor and the Audition

The Mental Life Cycle of an AuditionIf there's one thing that hasn't changed in the past 20-some years of acting, it's the twisted, complex labyrinth of psychological grief I embark upon each time I lock down an audition....more

Why More Women Are Drawn to Online Learning Programs

For many women returning to education later in life and enrolling in on-campus classes isn’t an option. With all of the commitments that come with adulthood, such as working full time and looking after a young family, many women – especially moms – give up on their academic dreams due to a simple lack of time....more

What to Do When Your Career Stalls

There comes a point in most people’s lives when the job they've done forever becomes the most tedious activity on the planet. You remember when you once looked forward to going to work and were excited about the prospect of another challenging day. Now, however, you dread Monday mornings and the insufferable feeling of another day in the office....more

Why Straight Lines Are A Myth

The other day I was in conversation with a friend who I highly respect. He was telling me about his frustration in getting a deal done. He was finding it difficult to get the needle to move along the line from point A to point B the way he wanted it to. My response was that there are no straight lines anymore....more