When You Have to Fight to Build a Life You Love

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the people in our lives all wanted what we want, so we could just chase our heart’s desires, and they’d all be happy to chase them with us? Ahh. Let’s all take a moment to savor that wonderful fantasy....more

Seven of the Deadliest Hiring Sins: Busted

Hiring too fast is a temptation; trust me, it certainly is! With the start-ups looking to make it big internationally and Big Data being a raging issue, the recruitment procedures are often thrown out of the window and compromised for those fast-paced alternatives, causing havoc in the long run....more

A Simple Strategy to Handle Workload Overload

Workload overload has become an epidemic that’s wearing us all out!  How do you handle it?In this episode of Gotta Quick Question, workload overload is Jessica’s dilemma and I offer a practical way sort through what's on her to-do list and what to say when when she gets asked to do MORE (because you know she will!)....more

Winter thoughts on faith and career

This week I've been all about staying indoors - partly because the weather crashed again last night with several inches of new snow and temps below 20, and partly because I have felt a pull to be still and consider what it is that I am doing.  As much as I've been dreaming of summer and being outdoors often (distracting myself from the present), the this snowy winter has served a special purpose that I'm only just coming to appreciate....more

Do You Work with a Bully?

Bullies have been haunting school playgrounds since the beginning of time. Thankfully, we’re at a point where most schools simply don’t tolerate bullying behavior and are proactive about snuffing it out.But, what about the bullies that are all grown up and now work down the hall?Workplace bullies aren’t putting stink-bombs in lockers or posting mean comments on Facebook, but they are harmful to your organization. Their behavior is often subtle and can easily go undetected. Here are the signs that you have a company bully:...more

How a Little Testosterone Goes a Long Way for Professional Women

As a professional woman, do you find yourself taking remarks by co-workers or clients too personally?  Overwhelmed by work load?  Doubting your abilities to be successful in a new project or position?If so, you're far from alone.  Difficult work relationships, too much to do, and lack of confidence can drag down every professional woman at some point in her career....more

What the Wee Ones Taught Me: How Motherhood Made Me a Better Executive

Kids always ask, “Why?” first closely followed by “How?” as in “Why do we do things this way [brush our teeth up and down]” and then “How [does a tooth brush remove plaque]?” Sometimes these one word questions are asked with the bright spark of genuine inquisitiveness and sometimes with the not so subtle whine of “Why are you making me do this???”...more

The Jubilee Professional Conference: Combining our Faith and Career lives

Nine days ago I would have had no idea what the title of the post was about. Yesterday, I experienced the fireworks of what happens when your faith life and your career life meet up and have a sit-down together....more

How Housewives Can Highlight Transferable Skills To Recruiters?

Whether you have been the boss of the house (a.k.a. the housewife) for two years or twenty years, should you ever find yourself looking for a job, you might worry that you lack the necessary expertise to impress recruiters. What you need to understand, however, is that you have a wealth of skills that can be transferred directly into a working environment; you just need to let this be known....more