Get Ahead During Your Lunch Hour

It’s noon in San Francisco’s financial district. The streets that were previously empty moments before are now filled with fast-walking professionals, trying to make the most out of their limited lunch hour....more

Get the Career You Came Here For!

A new report has just come out from the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) on the Top 50 Companies for Executive Women and the results really bother me.  Wonder if they bother you, too....more

Be Your Own Advocate

We all want an advocate.Someone who will share with others how great we are, defend and fight for us and who knows what we’re capable of. Many of us look to others to provide this kind of support for us in our career, but when it comes down to it; you are the best person to advocate for yourself and ensure you get what you deserve.While a great mentor or professional network can be extremely beneficial to your career, if you always look to them as your advocate instead of also relying on yourself, you can actually hurt your career....more

Job Hunting? Get Noticed (In a Good Way) On Social Media

We’ve all heard the horror stories of party pictures and rude comments posted on social media swaying a potential employer from hiring a candidate.  Basic mistakes can cost you a job.  But what does one do to stand out from the crowd when job hunting? Here are some key tips for using social media to get noticed in the right way.Harness the Power of LinkedIn...more

Poverty of Employability

Are you career ready?  Will 2014 finally be the year you make that move?  Does change give you the creeps?...more

Desk Job to Dream Job - My New Office Has Windows to the World

From Desk Job to Dream Job My New Office Has Windows to the World...more

Starting The New Year – Advice To Share With Young Career Women: Five Easy Tips

To Work or Not?

I wrote a stream-of-consciousness post back in September. I had been having a rough day (or two or three or who knows how many), or was it just a rough moment or two? Ah, who knows. What does it matter. The truth is that going back to work outside the home is a constant battle for me....more

Navigating the road to success

“The road to success is always under construction.” ~ Lily TomlinNot too long ago I was invited to give a talk to the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) at Boise State University. The group wanted me to speak about how I got started in my career in public relations, the ups and downs, what I’ve learned and how I got to where I am now, which is the owner of a PR company, a freelance writer and author....more

Staying home versus opting out, and the role of social class

I ran into a lengthy article about the pitfalls of the stay-at-home career. The author stayed home with her 2 kids, trading her journalism career for freelance work. Now divorced with kids nearing college age, she is broke and trying to get her career back on track, with little success. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, who is also a journalist, is experiencing great levels of success at his career. ...more