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When I grow up, I want to be [x]

You know when you were a kid, people would always ask what you wanted to be? I don't recall ever having an answer (maybe musician was the closest thing). Even throughout school I never really had that end goal in mind, a part from going to University and getting the hell away from my old life. Now I'm coming to the end of University I feel like I'm supposed to have figured it all out....more

In Conversation With: Social Entrepreneur & Video Interview Innovator Katrina German

Katrina German is the co-Founder of OneStory.com, a platform to create and share video interviews. We were introduced through a mutual friend (another Canadian) who said in his email introduction that “we had to meet” this may come as a surprise to some, but no, not all Canadians know each other). Our mutual love of social media over TV and laughter made a fast connection. Katrina is a social entrepreneur and speaks regularly about social enterprise and women entrepreneurship. She is in the CBC’s Top 40 Under 40 and also has been nominated for a Canadian DigiAward....more

In Conversation With: Lawyer, Coach & Management Consultant, Lenore Horton

Lenore Horton is an over-achieving badass, otherwise titled as an attorney, consultant, and serial entrepreneur. Lenore and I met when she was a newly minted attorney making her first dents in her newly minted law degree. She stood out from the crowd. Life has tossed her many adventures which I’ve delightfully followed (mostly these days via Twitter, she’s @LenoreHorton). Lenore currently heads up the law firm LFH ESQ, and the consulting group, KETNOI....more
LenoreHorton maybe follow twitter bio examples from justGLew & pmarca \U0001f609 ?more

Are Gender Disparities in the Legal Industry Real?

In recent years, women in law have made advances in attaining workplace gender equality. Still, female attorneys only earn 87 percent of male attorneys’ salaries, and women continue to face inequality in the legal industry when it comes to growth opportunities and income....more

Why Your 'But' Gets in Your Way and What to Do About it

It's time to talk about those big buts!We've all done it. It's the 'yes, but' response. And it happens all the time, every day, and mostly under the consciousness radar. And your big but is getting in your way when it comes to connecting, collaborating and building relationships."It's a great idea, but...""Yes, he's a great guy, but...""I really like this, but...."...more

How to Cope with Freelance Dry Spells

If you’re a freelancer, you likely hop from gig to gig, keeping your business running smoothly. But what do you do if you suddenly hit a dry spell? Check out this article for a few tips on how to cope when your inbox suddenly goes cold....more

Why aren't you living the life you really want?

 No matter how much planning you put into it, life is still a big mystery. You just never know where it will take you.  I guess that has some good and bad points....more

Listen To Your Mother Came to Portland

Listen To Your Mother came to Portland. I know. I was there. 32 cities across the country each produced a local show that featured 90 minutes worth of stories that were honest, shocking, raw, inspirational, validating, familiar, hilarious and new. Over a thousand stories that took the stereotype of motherhood -- any stereotype: soccer mom, adoptive mom, stay at home mom, sitcom mom, hippy mom, absent mom -- and tore them open to reveal a unique portrait of human life. ...more

The Waiting Game

I've earned my degree.  I've already had a couple of job interviews.  Now the waiting game begins.Interviews are terrifying.  Period.  Hands are sweaty, nerves are shot.  I think they are even worse when you're older and realize that those few minutes can have such a profound effect on your life.  The interviews went well as far as I can tell...but the waiting game begins....more