What Will My Boss Say? 5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo

Tattoos are a great way to explore your means for self-expression. And despite being a very permanent trend, the last few years have found it sweeping through our mainstream culture, leaving its mark on people of all ages and demographics. From your favorite celebrity to your best friend, more and more people are getting tattoos and showing them off. Given that, you may be at a crossroads yourself. Maybe you have a tasteful small script tattoo in mind, or perhaps you’re ready to get some serious ink....more

Easy Tips to Love Your Job Again

It’s Monday morning, and I’m rushing through an hour-long work-out so I can get back to my desk. I run through my apartment, sloppily grabbing a snack and a sweater on the way, all while my mind races with excitement, ideas and projects I’m dying to start. I’m that in love with my work; to the point where other priorities often take a back seat to my passion and dedication to it....more

Are We Promoting the Right Ambitions?

By Angela Dehart, Ambassador and Alumna at American Public UniversityStarting in kindergarten we begin asking kids what they want to be when they grow up. Notice I said “be” not “do,” inferring that the job defines identity. We give higher praise to the kids who say doctor, lawyer, or president....more

Manage Your Own First Impression

By Donald Ray West, PhD, PE, MBA Faculty Member, School of Business at American Public University...more

Sincere Advice for Young Nurses

I occasionally sprinkle a little humor in my blog when it comes to writing about nursing. All jobs need some humor. And when you are new to the profession, the sweet moments when someone or something makes you smile – you need to grab onto those things....more

Feeding Your Brain Feeds Your Career

I graduated from college back in the 1980’s. No need to do the math, I will admit that it was a while ago. But just because some time has passed since I walked across a stage, it doesn’t mean that my education finished way back then. Quite the contrary, I’ve been learning something every day since....more

My Advice to the Class of 2015

When I was asked to do a post on what my advice would be to college grads about to enter the workforce and begin job searching, my concern was that having graduated nearly a decade ago (so crazy), I'm already too old to be relevant. I've therefore decided to do the post via the medium of song, utilizing the greatest hits from the class of 2015's college years. I figure if one of these songs was playing while you were doing a keg stand, it may be more memorable. Or not.10. "Party Rock Anthem"...more

How to get through a quarter-life crisis

Disclaimer: I am in the midst of a quarter-life career crisis. I don't have experience getting through a quarter-life crisis, but in the process of experiencing one, I've been talking to a lot of helpful people and doing a lot of reading and soul searching. I'm compiling these pieces of advice mainly for myself, but I thought I'd share them in case they inspire you as well.  ...more

How To Achieve Success as a Twenty-Something

People say not to work for the paycheck, and that money does not equal success. But I would argue that, in some ways, your income does represent how far you have come and what you have achieved. If you are self-employed, or part of a start-up, then perhaps not so much. However, I am someone who, day in and day out, goes into an office job where every single day I am actively trying to move forward and upward in my career.The question becomes, how exactly do us twenty-somethings achieve success?...more