How To Be Successful In An Unconventional Industry: Music, Freelance Writing, Designing, etc.

During my senior year of high school, as everyone discussed where they were going to university, what they were going to study, and what they wanted to be when they “grew up,” there was a clique that professed their desire to go into anesthesiology.Why?...more

How Feeling Fat Makes You Steal

Love me or hate me, but I am here to tell you the truth about something that you probably don't want to admit: Each time you worry about how fat you look, you are withdrawing from the opportunity to play on your unique talents and passions. Mental blocks, self-doubt, timidity, indecision and buried creativity as a result of feeling "weighty" are embarrassing, but very, very real....more

Is Your Typical Answer to This Question Limiting Your Career? Here's 3 Creative Ways to Turn That Around

It's happened to every woman I know in the workplace. You're in the coffee queue, waiting for the elevator or on your way to a meeting when you're asked a simple question that you often dread:"How are things?""Not too bad," you respond.Awkward silence....more

Luck is Simply Preparation Meeting Opportunity

Have you ever come across someone who seems to have good luck? For no particular reason, it’s as if she has been blessed with good opportunities and impeccable timing — something you just weren’t born with. I’m going to let you in on a secret: These “lucky” people aren’t magically favored by the universe; they’re positive, motivated people who were prepared for the opportunities that came their way....more

Career Lessons From the Ground Up

 I recently have been working with a number of young women, one as my summer intern, and all of them curious to know what I thought were important lessons for them as they embarked on their own career journey. So I decided to capture what I would want to share with them and with my own daughter. Starting out as a nurse and moving to the ranks of a senior communications executive has had its shares of ups and downs and a ton of learning along the way....more