Picking up the Pieces

Losing a job can be devastating and the hardest part is to begin picking up the pieces. During these times, the best thing to do it to reach out. Ladies, we have perfected this. Men, however, are still falling behind. But reaching out is so important because those connections will be able to share their personal stories with you, give you pep talks and increase your confidence. ...more

Is it a good time to go back to school?

In an economy marked by rampant layoffs and the slow death of entire industries, many adults are wondering if now is the time to go back to school for further technical training, to finish a bachelor's degree, or to pursue a graduate or professional degree. The answer? It depends. It depends on your reason for going back to school. To update your skills? ...more

I am right now in the hospitality industry and wish to switch into the education field and ...more

Reflections on Being Fired

I was walking near Lincoln Center about a week after I got fired. The weather was glorious and I felt like every breath I took brought me higher and higher. I wanted to hug everyone harder and harder. I had a glow. I was in love with every morsel of life and I finally had time to taste every bite. ...more

A Mom's Attempts To Do It All and the Results

When you are a mom you want to do the best for everyone around you: children, husband, family, and friends. But what about you? What do you do for yourself? For me it was the dream of a switch to a career in graphic design. Was it worth it? Read on... ...more

Graphics Design Career Change

This time last year I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life--a graphic designer. I enrolled in the graduate graphic design program at a local university. I spent an unbelievable amount on art supplies, textbooks, and software. I was ready to go. ...more

Career Change/Grad School??

The past few days, I have been researching the possibility of going back to school. Grad School. Tests, research, and the dreaded thesis.  Now, I would not be thinking of doing this, seeing as I have my BS degree in something completely not related to a Master's of Psychology, unless the career I currently have does not appear to be working out. Ok, so the career I currently have does not appear to be working out.  I need a Plan B. ...more

I have specific requirements. I really need an acredited on-line program or hybrid program in my ...more

Is it a Mid-Life Crisis or a New Calling?

I’ve been in a funk for the last week or so. Something has just been unsettled in my soul, and I hadn’t been able to identify it. Until today. I had anticipated heavy involvement in my kids’ schools this year, but it hasn’t turned out that way and they are doing just fine without me underfoot every day. My younger two, who attend a “university format” school, go to classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and are home doing lessons with me on Tuesday- Thursday. Next year, we just learned, the school will change ...more

Life After -30- A Recovering Journalist's Journey From Burnout to Buyout and Beyond

First, an explanation of the title "Life After -30-":  Old-school journalists know that -30- is a symbol that signifies the end of a story. I'm going to blog about my experiences since I put a -30- on my newspaper career. My last two newspaper jobs were as a copy editor. Few people outside the business know what a copy editor is. The Washington Post's Deborah Howell summed up the job perfectly in a recent column: ...more

Is Your Corporate Job Really Safer?

A few months ago I had lunch with some of my old colleagues from my most recent corporate job that I left 9 months ago. As they were busy stressing about having taken a lunch break (my boss will kill me!), shuffling papers for work (I just need to get this one thing done!), and generally apologizing for their human need for oh say food and connection, I could see much more clearly with the eyes of having been removed from that environment. ...more

I used to work in the corporate world..hated every minute of it. I just never fit in. Now ...more