Breaking up ....with your job... is hard to do.

In a series of events that I can only assume I will one day in the (hopefully) not so distant future look back on as fate I lost both of my jobs within a series of a month. I received many assurances that it was not personal – schedule conflicts/ contracts/ moving in a different direction/ recreating positions..... I was wished well, offered stellar references, and thankfully allowed to continue working for a while....more

Job Seeking? Try a Career Fair

By Cathy Francois, Career Coach at American Public UniversityWhat I like the most about career fairs is that you have an opportunity to meet with hiring managers and recruiters face-to-face. There are no easily agitated receptionists, evil gatekeepers, or electronic and political red tape in your way. This is the one place where it is the recruiter’s duty to meet you personally!  ...more

Two Steps Back May Be Just What You Need

We all know the saying, “one step forward and two steps back,” and typically view it in a negative light, though what if you could turn it into a positive one? For those of you who are looking to change careers, you may need to consider taking a step back to break into your new field.Read the entire post at

I'm Bored

I'm bored.I heard it in the back of my mind for the first time in close to 13 years right in the middle of Zumba class one day.I'm bored.Now, you have to realize that I am a person who has been living my passion, pursuing my dream and having a great time doing it for the last decade.  I have been a fitness professional teaching classes, writing about fitness, giving motivational speeches about fitness and mentoring new instructors and have loved every minute of it, but now it seems.....I'm bored....more