What I Learned From Working as a Job Coach

   What I Learned From Working as a Job Coach...more

What My Five Careers Have Taught Me: Top 10 Lessons of Career Reinvention

Kathy CaprinoI’ve significantly revised my career numerous times over my 25 years of working, and each time, I’ve learned some powerful, surprising lessons -- about myself, my capabilities, perceptions, misconceptions, and about what it takes for me to attain what I want. Each career shift led me down a new path, and often, the destination wasn’t at all what I’d hoped or planned.  Huge mistakes were made, certainly, but what I’ve learned has been of great value and utility, allowing me to focus ever more closely on what matters to me....more
This is my life here. "You can't hurry love..." is the thing I need to work on the most. I'm ...more

Partners. Are Two Heads Better Than One?


Are You Unhappy in Your Job?

Thinking About Going Back to Work but Finding Yourself Stuck?

I was forty when I starting feeling twitchy. I’d spent the last 365 living a Martha Stewart-type of life.  With my children in school full-time I’d assumed that cooking, cleaning, painting, and gardening would be deeply fulfilling.  I was wrong.  Despite being wildly busy, there was still that unsettled, dissatisfied feeling in the pit of my stomach at the end of each day. And then it hit me. What I really wanted and needed was a job! Sounds like an easy fix, right? ...more