Coaching & Counselling Differences

 In the context of my work as a Career Development Practitioner  it can often be hard to describe the different approaches I employ to support individuals. (Hence, why I don't spend a lot of time blogging about it.) Today, I'm going to offer some tips. Depending on the needs of my clients or students, my role changes slightly to accommodate. Sometimes, I can find myself and my client floating somewhere between interventions and knowing that, I take a momentary step back to reevaluate our position and goals....more

How Career Coaching Gets It Wrong: Tips For Choosing a Career Coach Who Won’t Waste Your Money

Kathy Caprino What are the easiest ways to spot an ineffective career coach who won’t be helpful in moving you forward?    This week I heard fr...more

Safe is a Four Letter Word

 I’ve been encountering a super bad four letter word lately, spoken by both my clients & myself. The word ain’t s*** or f*** or even crap-tastic. No. The word is safe....more

Holistic approach to work

Some time ago I was teaching a class when it occurred to me that those preparing for employment and those currently employed share a common need. The need for self care. It doesn't matter how much money you make or your education if you are not taking care of yourself, your health can easily be compromised.It is common for us to focus outward and neglect the signs that our work life is taking over. The assumption is that if we push hard enough we will get where we need to go faster. It will get easier from there and we can rest later....more

Career Coaching Icon's New Book Echoes Our Collective Migration from Craving "Success" to Seeking "Meaning"

I first heard of Laura Berman Fortgang about 12 years ago, when I worked at Time Warner and enjoyed a perk of working for a large media company: Free magazines. Laura was featured in a business article about a new, emerging practice called career coaching. As a business and career writer, this was an area of interest to me, new ways of doing well at work. ...more