Be your own mentor

It hurts. It hurts to see brilliant, amazing, talented women struggling to find a mentor. These same women who struggle to find their mentor do not realize that there is a line of women behind them wishing they could have HER for a mentor. ...more

Why Positive Thinking Doesn't Cut It

By Mary FoleyEver hear someone say “Think positive” after you’ve just unloaded your frustration, hurt and confusion to a friend or colleague? So irritating, isn’t it? Their advice isn’t much help when you’re distraught and upset and the only positive thinking is about when you can take your next vacation....more

Two Strategies for Women to Zap the Time-Suckers at Work

You’ve done it - because we’ve all done it.  You begin your work day with the full intention of focusing on several important activities and before you know it, it’s time to leave the office and your list is half-done at best....more

Are You Trading Flex Time for Face Time Out of Fear?

Are you selling yourself short because you're so afraid to lose your job that you're sacrificing your benefits and yourself for the illusion of security? If so, you're not alone, because many workers are trading their very own well-being for something that is unobtainable -- security and guarantees; unobtainable, at least if you're looking outside yourself to find it. ...more

Half Her Life Vanished

Some time ago, I worked with a woman who was having difficulty finding employment. Though she had been in Canada for a number of years the work she had been doing here did not remotely resemble the skills she used in her former country. Her resume had been completed with the help of a school she attended for retraining but she didn't seem proud of this one page resume staring back at her. When I began to ask some questions about certain information buried in it I learned half her life had vanished....more

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome: Why You Really Might Be the Expert in the Room

I became aware of the Impostor Syndrome eight or nine years ago, when I was working for a failing start-up. Watching our staff whittle to half its size every few weeks was starting to take a toll on the remaining employees. I was grateful to still be working, but I wondered whether I should start looking into another job -- something more secure....more

Great article.  Appearances are deceiving and many people aren't as confident as ...more