Motivated to be motivated

Every Monday on my blog I do a meme called "Motivation Monday."  It started off as a way to kick start my weight loss and training for a mini marathon, and it's quickly developed into motivation for whatever is dragging me down that week.  This week's motivation has to do more with focus and getting tasks done.  So without further ado.... Motivation Lost? ...more
@Nain  Great! , I have my link to Twitter on my profile, I just sent you a tweet.more

Sleeping Like a Baby

Well, for the first time in sooooo long - about 4 weeks - my 4.5month baby girl Bronte has decided to have a daysleep for longer than 30mins. She's now pushing 2 hours and I find myself wandering around the house, not knowing what to do with all this FREE TIME - ahhhh!!!! No extra appendage, I am still human after all :) ...more