Change. Love it, hate it, it doesn't care.

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Changes -- Turn and Face the Not So Strange

So many changes to face right now that I’m overtired, cranky, and I can’t sleep.  This may also be contributed by my decompression technique from 10 to midnight of watching old episodes of The Office; guzzling too much caffeine like the large iced tea from Dunkin’ Donuts that I partially consumed in the late afternoon, leaving me wired and extremely on edge; and adjusting to too many things at once.  Instead of resting the moment my children leave for school, I pump myself up with activity until I come home from my new job and then devote another hour to tidying up the ho...more

Make Change Work for You

By Jackie Hott, faculty member at American Public UniversityDo you embrace change or run from it? Make change work for you by having purpose, setting priorities, and designing a plan.  In graduate school, I realized that development occurs after some type of change whether it be positive or negative.  That thought has accompanied me through the changes in my life. I feel safe knowing that, when faced with adversity, I will ultimately grow from the situation. ...more

Is What You're Giving Worth What You're Getting

In this world where it seems as if our worth is defined by how busy we are, we can sometimes feel the pressure to “keep going” and “continue pushing” without stopping – especially nowadays where we have immediate access to digital devices that bring the world to our fingerprints. We can send emails from bed, reply to texts during our morning commute to work, and scroll through the endless updates and photos on social media....more

Syvel earns a Royale living

Women nowadays are more financially independent than their predecessors from several generations ago.These days many of them can earn income while managing home and family no small thanks to technology and increasing material progress....more

Career Happiness

Are you happy with your career?Do you know how to find a career that complements your lifestyle?...more

Stepping Out of the Fog: Life Advice

As a job seeker for the past two and a half months, many realizations have surfaced about the working world. Some of them because I am looking at my past life as an employed individual in a hazy fog of "I actually lived that life?', others because I am looking at my future with A LOT more clarity. To that end, I am here to give some life advice:...more