Advance Your Career with Mentoring

By Nichole Ahlstrom, COLL100 Faculty at American Public UniversityWhile mentoring is generally regarded as something you do to help others, the role of mentor can actually help you to succeed in your career. Mentors have an opportunity to think beyond their own situation, get insight into the perspectives of others, and develop relationships and trust with those they mentor.  ...more

How (and Where) to Find Mentors

We've talked about the huge role that mentors can play in your career. But how do you find them? While some mentoring relationships begin quite organically - someone senior in your company, or a respected professor. More often, however, we find ourselves needing advice or guidance, with no one on hand to help....more

Finding the Right Mentor for Your Career

   You've likely heard it before: find a mentor! A mentor is someone who provides career advice, guidance and assistance. They can help you answer questions about your career and gain industry insights....more

How to Be a Good Mentee

Powerful women will tell you: having a mentor is an invaluable asset to achieving your personal and professional goals. The value of a mentor is immense -- Mentors are there to help guide you, offer advice and impart their knowledge to you. But as a mentee, how can you ensure that the relationship is good to both you and your mentor? ...more
Thanks for the great information.  I think having a solid Mentor that you can go to for advice ...more

Top 5 Ways to Find a Mentor and the Best 5 Strategies For Asking Someone to Be Your Mentor

Most entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, and successful business people have, at one time or another, had mentors that assisted them in their career, business or psychology. And, most of these professionals will continue to have mentors throughout their lives and will go on to mentor others. A mentor is someone who can guide you (or take you under his or her wing) in becoming a better professional. But finding a mentor can be a daunting task. In this article we give you the top strategies for finding a mentor and for asking someone to be your mentor....more

The Art of Finding a Mentor

Having mentors for your career or business can be one of the best things you ever do. These people can help you get where you want to go and will share their lessons learned as they got to being successful in their own right. What exactly is a mentor and how is it different than a coach or consultant? ...more

 What a great post. I had one mentor about 10 years ago. He taught me so many nuggets. He and ...more