Get out of Debt ...Today!

Okay, well not literally today, but when you are in debt it can take a toll on your relationships and quality of life OR the opposite can happen, you just ignore it and you continue to spend, causing you fall into debt more and more . We all make plans to pay off our debt but unless we stick to them they will not work! Use my tips to help jump start your debt pay down plan Today!...more

Why Is It A Good Time To Get A Raise?

With the economy in turmoil, many people are wondering if they should consider asking for a raise now or wait.  My recommendation is to start the process now. ...more

Car Crazy Saudi Woman

I spoke to Badia a 'Car Crazy Girl' from Saudi during my recent trip to the Dubai Motor Show, who interestingly went to school and lived in the US for 8 years. Badia is thirty-one, has a degree interior reconstruction and design and an international drivers license and LOVES to drive and can drive anywhere outside of her own country, at home she owns a Hummer and has a personal driver to get her around. ...more

Knowledge is Key When Financing a Car

I did a tele-seminar this week for a group of women and they asked so many questions about car loans, credit scores and how to qualify for the best loan I thought I would pass on these great tips from Aware. Taking Steps to Boost Your Credit Score ...more

The Desire, The Drive, The Destination of Women in the Auto Industry

I am in Motown, (Detroit) this week and have two great events to honor and support the careers of women in the automotive industry. ...more

Thanks for the comment Laurie...

Actually ...there is a HIGH demand for female technician's/ ...more