You're Loved.

So for a little while, I’ve been following this fantastic blogger (and I now own a couple of her books) named Holley Gerth.  She’s another one of those who writes into my heart.She’s started “Coffee For Your Heart,” which allows those what want to join in a chance to be encouraging (with prompts she sends out) every Wednesday, whether through their blog, their Facebook, or a Tweet....more

Why You Should Keep One Foot Out the Door at Work

Even if you have a job that you love, it pays to always be looking. Meaning, there are some very good reasons why you need to have one foot out the door. This doesn't mean you shirk your responsibilities or are "disloyal" it simply means you take control of your own destiny. Lisa Gates of She Negotiates gives you five good reasons in this post. ...more
are you working from the road?more

How to to Get Attention for Your Resume

If you think you are just going to apply for jobs and effortlessly get the interview (and then the job), you are wrong. In today's climate it takes that extra effort to get seen. Hannah Morgan tells you why you need to do the "two-step" so you increase the odds your resume rises to the top of the pile. ...more

What Constitutes a Dream Job?

What constitutes a dream job? One person's dream job might equate to another person's nightmare. Not to mention what a job looks like from the outside looking in can often look more glamorous and dreamy than it really is. Here's a thoughtful post about the book 168 Hours: You Have More Time than You Think and the idea of a Dream Job from Janssen at Everyday Reading. ...more
here's my dream job:

What Makes Teaching Worthwhile

Occasionally, my students surprise me. Like when they exclaim in June, after a year of calling me Mrs., “You’re married?!” Or, when they announce, “My feet smell good today.” (They definitely did not smell good that day.) I say, “Oh?” and they say, “Yeah, I put perfume on them this morning.” Or, when given permission to go rinse out their mouth because they have been hacking incessantly, they head to the hand sanitizer machine, and then wonder why I am shouting STOP across the room in horror. ...more
Like, awesome on steroids...broadcast in stero....this was great!more

People You Need on Your Career Team

No one succeeds in isolation. There's a team behind every successful person. So, who is on your career team? Those people you consciously choose to help you move forward. Karen Adamedes shares the 5 types of people you need to have on your team in this post. ...more
We develop networks for a myriad of reasons, in discussion, for encouragement and support, for ...more

What Women Really Want from Work

What do women really want from work? So much talk about women rising to the C-level ranks and work-life balance for working mothers that sometimes the real core of the matter gets lost in terms of what all women want. In this post, Katie Kelley takes a look at the recent reports "She’s (Rarely) the Boss, New York Times" and New York Magazine’s, “Want More Women in Leadership? Help New Moms” and adds her own spin to the conversation. ...more

Doing What You Love: Myth or Worthwhile Dream?

Do you do what you love and get paid for it? There's the big dream of "do what you love and the money will follow". How realistic is it? Is getting paid for what you love a myth? A dream worth following? Here's a post that takes a little different slant to this age old question. ...more
Not a myth but you need to prepare and plan for how you're going to do it. Sometimes it means ...more

Can Volunteer Work Help You Land a Job?

If you are re-careering or out of work and looking to re-enter the workforce should you consider volunteering for an organization as part of your job strategy? Absolutely yes! Here's why volunteering is a great way to increase your chances of landing a job you really want. It empowers you to: ...more
This is such terrific advice!  Volunteer work is a terrific way to brush up your skills or even ...more

How I Retired Before I Retired

Last month I spent 40+ hours in a vegan lifestyle coaching academy. A year ago, if someone had suggested I do such a thing, I would have thought them crazy. That was before I walked away from a good-paying, steady job, months before turning 47 years old. ...more
 @Roxana_the_Aviddiva "I can see myself consulting or coaching, writing and doing other ...more