What Would (Insert Name of Favorite Action Hero) Do?

Your most recent attempt to persuade your boss of how much you deserve that raise/bonus/perk landed in the unfathomable depths of his “No way no how” with barely a ripple. You are depressed, disgusted, and yes - truth be told - massaging your hurt ego with liberal doses of self-pity. ...more

Don’t Let A “Misery Loves Company” Mindset Sabotage Your Career Success

A bad boss breeds low morale, poor motivation, performance and productivity that usually produces grumbling and complaining among co-workers. Don't fall into this “misery loves company” mindset or else your bad boss and your co-workers will sabotage your chances for a rewarding career....more

Always the Intern, Never the Hire

Intern? Grad Student? Keep having sex with these 6 rules for success. Internships and graduate school can make or break a woman’s life and career. But poorly structured training programs can dramatically interfere with a woman’s romantic, sexual and life goals....more

The Future of Employment: Jobs vs. Work

Here’s a question you probably haven’t been asked lately: Do you have a job or do you produce work? Before you get upset and tell me you DO work at your job, please hear me out. The world of employment is changing rapidly. Today there are many different ways to get work done, and companies are primarily focusing on the outcome.  For purposes of this discussion, I’m defining job and work like this:Job:  a post of employment; full-time or part-time position...more

3 Strategies for Thriving on Shift and Change for Your Career

You know that feeling when you dive into deep water and there’s an invisible but unmistakable line where you pass from warmth into significantly cooler water? In one instant, I passed through one level where I was managing one of AOL’s call centers, an operation of 250 people, seven days a week, to a completely different experience as the head of corporate training. ...more

Informational Interviews. Worth it or No?


Pre-interview research tips

Hello Everyone, I wanted to share an article with you that I wrote last month for another website. I hope you can get some great tips from it. Pre-Interview Research: Five tips to investigate a company before the interview.   ...more

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