Finding Independence as a Mother

I am a 29-year-old, work-from-home (and everything in-between) mother to one beautiful and vivacious daughter. It is now June and Gemini season, and I have another five days to enjoy my glorious 20s.  That's right. I am turning 30 people! You'd imagined I would say something like, "Ah, to be 20 again...," or “The 20s were the best years of my life.”... and they really were!...more

Easy Exercises You Can Do During Work Breaks


The Price We Pay For Perfection: 5 Ways to Let Go of Unrealistic Goals

Like many baby boomers, I spent a large part of my life striving for perfection.  I was determined to be a consummate professional, a loving and understanding mother, an attractive and loyal wife, and a well-informed, compassionate friend.  Every task I had or created for myself had to be performed flawlessly.  The meals I made couldn’t be standard—they had to be gourmet.  The clothes I wore (being that I am Italian doesn’t help!) had to be flattering and up-to-date.  My hair had to be trimmed and styled every six weeks; my home had to sparkle—I wouldn’t consider le...more

It's Time To Exhale

You've been holding your breath for so long that you've forgotten how to exhale. Letting out all the frustration that's been bottled up for awhile. You've been working so hard that it's hard to remember when you last took a break. All you know is reaching for a goal that's been just out of your reach. No matter, now is time to take a step back and let the world go on without you for just a moment. Do whatever makes you feel happy. Planning has been what you're good at, but take those plans and leave them home. Go where your heart leads you....more

Women of Amazement!

I am always amazed when I see strong, brilliant women doing great things for themselves. Breaking barriers, shattering glass ceilings and blazing paths in the midst of chaos and confusion. Women, staring adversity in the face, laughing and proclaiming that they will not only survive, but they excel and prevail. Women have been doing this since the beginning of the ages. We know that there have always been pioneering women that have been dealing with sexism, racism, underestimation, not to mention many other tests that many of us could not even imagine....more

The Call for Women to Help Women

Today marks the 101st celebration of Women's day globally. Last year, I reminded us to examine how far we have come, and how far we still have to go....more

Can Women Have It All?

Of course women CAN’T have it all! You tell me one person who has absolutely everything! Perfectionism is an illusion of the mind. Today’s Blog post is about the women who try and have it all, and then go into therapy when they realize that it’s virtually impossible. ...more

What Women Want

Let’s start with Sarah Palin: wife, mother, governor, on the campaign trail for Vice President… Moose Lover!...more

Work-Life Out of Balance? Try Flow Instead

Work life balance is a myth for many people. Sixty percent of executives report working at least 50 hours per week. That doesn't include the additional time they spend thinking about work. Ten percent work more than 80 hours per week. This situation is even more intense for 92% of working women who go home after a full day of work and manage household and family responsibilities. So how do we cope? The answer is flow, but flow is better than mere coping. It's about enjoying and finding meaning in what we and doing what we enjoy and find meaningful. Flow refuels us. ...more