Just Say NO to Traditional Networking

By Sheri Kendall-duPont, COLL100 Faculty at American Public UniversityDale Carnegie said it best, “greet everyone you meet and show an interest in them. Remember the things that are important to them.” This is great advice and a good way to approach networking, but you must go one step further: follow up.Networking reaches far beyond the mere exchange of business cards and polite smiles. With a well-defined strategy, a strong network can be built in four easy steps....more

Geeks Are Awesome: Careers in Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math for Women and Girls

Young women looking into the sciences as a career path need guidance and a female role model. In this podcast Dr. Francesca Catalano, Faculty Director for the Science, Space Studies and Environmental Science Programs at American Public University, talks about the importance of finding a mentor, why a terminal degree is relevant, career potential, and how women are trying to carve out their place in science, engineering, technology, and math fields....more

Two Steps Back May Be Just What You Need

We all know the saying, “one step forward and two steps back,” and typically view it in a negative light, though what if you could turn it into a positive one? For those of you who are looking to change careers, you may need to consider taking a step back to break into your new field.Read the entire post at http://onlinecareertips.com/2014/03/stepping-back-to-move-forward/...more

Your Brand Is the Key to Your Next Job

When starting a job search, personal branding should be at the top or your priority list.  A strong personal brand helps you to stand out in a crowded job market and distinguishes you from other applicants....more

Never Be Afraid

“As you know….” “Because of this we regret to inform you…”“Your position has been eliminated.”Those “…” are actually the moments I stopped listening because my heart had become a dull thud.“As you know THUTHUNK, THUTHUNK, THUTHUNK. Because of this we regret to inform you THUTHUNK, THUTHUNK, THUTHUNK. Your position has been eliminated.”That was exactly a week ago. The blur of the hours that followed, now in retrospect are not really a blur and reveal that even in that moment of this sucks, I won’t have a job in four weeks. I was going to be fine....more