Breaking up ....with your job... is hard to do.

In a series of events that I can only assume I will one day in the (hopefully) not so distant future look back on as fate I lost both of my jobs within a series of a month. I received many assurances that it was not personal – schedule conflicts/ contracts/ moving in a different direction/ recreating positions..... I was wished well, offered stellar references, and thankfully allowed to continue working for a while....more

Creating Life as an Entrepreneur

The past couple of weeks have been pretty awesome.  I’ve realized that I seriously have the greatest life and the greatest friends.  I have an amazing tribe surrounding me, filled with love and support.I am in the process of building a coaching business.  I feel like coaching could be the career that I’ve been looking for my whole life.  I love the idea of being an entrepreneur – it means that I *literally* get to create the life for myself that works to my strengths and gives me the flexibility I desire. ...more

Want a Great Employee? Hire an Entrepreneur!

I am in the middle of a transition.  After working for myself for 13 years, I am ready for a new challenge - as much as I love the fitness industry, I am finding that my brain needs more to do than just choreography. ...more

Is it OK to Speak Your Mind and Expect an Offer?

When I made the decision to change it up and look for a new direction in my career, I made a lot of wish lists.  I wrote down the top organizations that I wanted to work for, the ultimate job descriptions, the top 10 things that would make me excited to get up and get out of bed in the morning- just a few things to get my creative juices flowing.  I focused on the positive and searching for the position that could deliver these things....more

Sexism, Really?!

So I am deep into the land of job searching - online, on paper, through friends, acquaintances and other - I have this covered.  Luckily, I live in a community where my skills (fundraising, marketing, public relations, event planning) are needed and I know a lot of people - but I have been out of the line of work I am looking to get back into for some time - I might need some help....more

Courage to Name Yourself

I think I've recommended Vitamin D supplements to nearly everyone I know. We're all down in the dumps, struggling creatively, struggling to affirm ourselves as valuable individuals worthy of notice. I keep saying "take Vitamin D!" because it helped me out so much last winter when I was struggling, and as indoor denizens we're usually short of that vitamin anyway, so it can't hurt.*...more