Benefits of Taking Online Courses for Your Next Career Move

Loraine is a content writer with a background in marketing. Check out her services at lorainecouturier.comEverything you do is revolving around the internet. You pay your bills, you communicate, you find out how to do things and you find useful resources to help you with your work day. Online education is becoming the way of the future and it allows you to kickstart any career. With so many benefits to taking courses online, the real question is why you would choose to do it any other way....more

Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication

This is the week that I sing a love song to Zappos!  Join me in my journey through the ten core values.Zappos Core Value #6:  Build Open and Honest Relationships with CommunicationHere’s an oldie but goodie:  You start working at a new company and your manager tells you that she has an “open door policy.”  You have to be there a little while before you can determine whether your manager’s door is open just a crack or all the way (and whether that crack is wide enough for you to jam your foot in)....more

How to Choose Career Events That Rock

 I don’t know the medical term, but I have a thing. It starts with that feeling I have walking into a conference bright and early and realizing…ahhh…me time! The ballroom house lights dim, music tapers off…I’m ready to soak it in. Just as the morning speaker hits their stride, the symptoms appear: ...more
jaymielynnie TY for sharing your fav takeaways from inconfwomen. Excited to see ...more

Is This How This SAHM Thing Works?

Allow me to get straight to the point: I have absolutely NO CLUE as to what I'm doing as a SAHM. While it is still completely daunting to me at this point, I have to also admit that secretly, I'm enjoying it. This season of my life isn't intended to be permanent. I will eventually be going back to work (Someone hire me, Puh-lease!) but for now, I'm embracing the unknown and adjusting to this new role. However, it hasn't been without its frustrations......more
Amanda M Yes! The two worlds are completely different! It's been a challenging transition but ...more

10 Phrases to Say at Work More Often

 As a savvy girl in the workplace there are many ways to shine. We can talk about attitude, productivity, and leadership. Today we are going to keep it simple and give you great “one-liners” that will help you stand out at work.  If you say these phrases more often, your professional self will thank you later.“Good Morning!”“How can I help?”“I understand.”“Please.”“Wow!”“I can do that.”“Thank you.”“Good job.”“You’re Welcome.”...more

Nutrition Education: Secure a Job with Real Job Satisfaction

Dissatisfaction is one of the major issues for workers at the moment. Many jobs, including high rewarding ones, are not fulfilling enough for individuals to stay in their jobs for long. This has resulted in a shortening of an employee’s time in any particular position and a rise in employee turnover....more

PRO-ACTIVE or REACTIVE.....WHICH ARE YOU?.....Waiting for Fate....or Creating Fate....?

REACTIVE OR PRO-ACTIVE……WAITING ON FATE…..or CREATING FATE… I got to thinking today about REACTIVE and PRO-ACTIVE…..People that wait on life to happen for them I consider Reactive….People that get out there and make life happen for themselves I consider PRO-ACTIVE…..I think most people fit in the category of REACTIVE…..I look around and most of the time I simply find people waiting on life to HAPPEN to them rather than them out there creating their lives to happen……I see this within almost all aspects of most people’s lives….. Most people seem to be waiting on the right rela...more


DEAD ENDS…..CHANGING FOCUS Life can be full of stops and starts….…one way or the other……What we give our focus to in life and our energies determine where we get our results…….Some places or focuses are simply DEAD ENDS....more