Nurses – from the cancer caregiver’s perspective

I remember the nurse – after the surgery where we learned the cancer had already spread – who brought blankets and pillows so I could sleep in the recliner next to Hubby’s hospital bed. Because I didn’t have the courage to go home and sleep alone in our bed that night....more

Ask These before Hiring a Caregiver

Family caregivers must know how to hire a care agency and a private caregiver. After learning the questions to ask, you must research the ratings and data created by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. It’s designed to keep your loved ones safe.  States do not require home care agencies to obtain a license or a certificate. But if a home care agency offers nursing care, the agency has laws, regulations, and  compliance guidelines to follow. ...more
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Rena McDaniel-The Diary of an Alzheimer's Caregiver Part 9 Caregiver Series How We Got Here...more

There, alright? I did it. I left the house.

This morning I ate about a half a watermelon for breakfast. They’re packed with Vitamin C and lots of water. I hear Vitamin C is good for hangovers and that's good because I’m nursing one. Not really the drinker, I haven’t had a hangover in a near a decade. Watermelon is a fair consolation prize; Mommy’s now in her 30s and she is in no way shleppin’ the kids to the closest gas station to pick up a Gatorade....more

The Mother/Daughter Dynamic + Caregiving

Mom’s been talking about buying these barstools for under the counter for a few months now. She wanted chairs with a height control so her elderly body wouldn’t have to crouch to sit down. Mom’s been saving up to buy them....more
"Investing too much time and swear words." Funny line, good article! That's all heavy stuff you ...more


I'm sorry for the interruption of our normally scheduled program PT. 5 CAREGIVER SERIES "How We Got Here" so I can bring this nightmare into the light and maybe banish good. PT. 5 WILL RETURN ON WEDNESDAY OF THIS WEEK! MY ALZHEIMER'S NIGHTMARE ...more

Family Caregivers, the Future, and Now

My friend and colleague in the fight for family caregivers, Janice Lynch Schuster, recently had a conversation with her children about what may happen when she becomes older.  It went like this, as Janice wrote in Fierce Urgency of Now: Family Caregivers and the Future that is Upon Us  for the blog Disruptive Women in Health Care:...more

How infection make stroke-caused brain damage worse

If you or your parent hasa high risk of stroke, take note: infections, especially those that existed before the stroke, can make things a lot worse for your brain.In a new study out of the University of Manchester, researchers found that an inflammatory response by the immune system to streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumonia) made things 50% to 90% in mice following a stroke. And the older the animals, the worse the injury, especially if they had hardening of the arteries....more

Vitamin E may slow functional decline of Alzheimer's and decrease caregiver burden

If you take care of someone with Alzheimer's (or expect you will in the future), take note: A new study from the icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai found that Vitamin E may slow the functional decline in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's. By "functional decline" the researchers are referring to problems with daily living, such as preparing meals, planning, shopping and traveling.The researchers found that Vitamin E delayed the progression of the decline by 19% per year. That's about 6.2 months benefit!...more

Mother on the Edge

This post originally appeared on the Mothers Central blog. You can see it here in its original form.  Thanks to Kate for letting me post it here in full.It was a desperate cry for help, and one that I could not ignore. ...more