A Better Video

            So at the Alzheimer’s Association website, www.alz.org, there’s a handy table comparing normal age-related changes to those indicative of Alzheimer’s disease. ...more

The Symbolism of the Laundry

I just did a load of laundry. One bath towel. One blouse. Three tee shirts. One tee shirt-pajama top. Three pairs of undies. One bra. One pair of jeans. One cloth napkin. Two kitchen towels. A white wash is in the machine. I think there are four white shirts in that load. The laundry is hanging to dry on a portable air dryer on the terrace. ...more

Now I Know

So after four months of fits and starts, I’ve decided that I’m going to do this thing, this blog. I’ve got a few entries started and a few more mapped out. I’ve made some choices about what I’m going to write about, and how. I’ve given myself until Friday to think of a title. I’ve read a book about blogging – okay, I’ve scanned the first three chapters of a book about blogging. The only thing left to do, really, is figure out where to begin. And now I’m stuck. ...more

Long-Term Care, the Elephant in the Room

by Teresa Heinz Kerry and Jeffrey Lewis ...more

We're a family taking care of an elderly parent and that's exactly how we feel in the morning ...more

Never Say Never

Do you remeber Fievel from An American Tail? That was a cute cartoon. And in the movie, there was this song, "Never Say Never". I should have remembered that. Before David and I were married I told him, "I don't take out the trash. I don't mow the lawn. That's man's work." I grew up with three brothers. I've never even started a lawn mower. ...more

Book Review: When I Married My Mother

reviewed by Elizabeth Willse ...more

Career changes when You're a Caregiver...Lots of Blessings & Surprises

Caregiving has given me a lot of challenges in life... but a few surprising blessings. It prompted a total career change -- actually multiple career changes -- and opened whole new worlds to me.   When I started on my journey in Caregiverland, I had always thought I would be a journalist for life. I looooved the newsroom...the rhythms, the banter, the constant flow of interesting people and events. Never ever considered another career.   ...more

First, I'm sending your post to the more

TTC: PMS vs. Early Pregnancy Symptoms #2

I'm in the week AF's due.  I've been cramping, bloated, sick-to-my-tummy and cranky for going on two-and-a-half weeks now and I'm just sick of myself.  My mind's running away with thoughts of babies and maxipads and I don't know if I'm coming or going most of the time because all I wanna do is take a nap. HA!!  Well, at least nothing much has changed in the nappy-time department... ...more

MamaDaddy's World: Through A Grown Child's Eyes

My mama is a woman who raised four daughters, buried one and lived to see and help support the raising of three grandchildren.  She is beloved by all who know her and even those who take issue with her meddling, but well-meaning ways eventually grow to admire her. My Mama is my biggest cheerleader and the person I would go to just to talk when I was at my lowest point. So, why is she lying in a bed unable to move?  Why is she suffering so much?  Why has she been stricken with an illness so heinous and sneaky, it takes your breath away...literally? ...more

Moment of Anxiety...Moment of Prayer

Oh God(dess). How much can a human be expected to take? I mean.   Life is hard.  Nothing is promised.  There's reward on The Other Side. ...but to those who believe in a hell after death:  Do you believe in hell here on Earth? I do.  I'm watching it at work.  Not as "punishment" to a bad person.  Not to "correct" a wrong-doing in the traditional sense of right and wrong. Not even close...She is no different from any other human down here living their lives and trying to do their best with what they have... ...more

I've been there... so your words truly resonate with me! Your family is so lucky to be able ...more