Recognizing the Signs of a Heart Attack

Our family and friends recently descended on our parents’ house like a pack of swarming bees. Within a week, mom and dad were host to eleven adults, five dogs and one very spoiled grandson.  Between visits from Santa (who had to use a door vs. the roof), the cutthroat games of Scrabble and the amazing smells coming non-stop from the kitchen, we were fortunate to notice that something wasn’t right with dad....more

Stroke takes away 3 out of 5 quality years of life

Yes, if you did the math, that's a 60% loss of quality years.This number was determined by following stroke and TIA (transient ischemic attack) patients for 5 years. The researchers measured the 1,188 patients with "utility" - which is a way to place value on the desirability of health outcomes.For example, with utility:0 = death1 = perfect healthnegative numbers represent "a state worse than death" (which I thought was odd actually)....more