The Taste of Paradise - Caribbean Cooking

The Taste of Paradise - Caribbean CookingAs dark evenings draw in and those long summer nights become a distant memory, escaping the winter blues can seem impossible – but you can bring the sunshine back into your life if you know how....more

Slow Cooker Caribbean Oxtails

In an attempt to recreate the flavors of my Brooklyn neighborhood, I made these Caribbean style oxtails. I cannot say this is an authentic recipe just like they make on the islands, but it is good!...more

Cooking your Future - You have all the Ingredients you need

  Cooking is one of my passions and I got caught up watching Top Chef re runs, and it was the New Orleans Soul Food special, so there I was twisting and turning in bed from the mouth watering dishes I wished I could even smelled or even tasted but the frustration was terrible because I could only see what I didn’t have....more

I have in mind a trip to NOLA to go indulge with the best Soul Food - seafood, I can get my ...more