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I’ll do whatever it takes.If you bow forward when I meet you, I too will bend at the waist and drop my eyes. A firm handshake, I’ll give one right back. You want to talk about your family, drop your clothes before I can get back behind the curtain, tell me how much you hate doctors and hospitals — I’ll listen, try not to act surprised by the strip tease, and bite my lip.If you check my nails as I stand in front of you and don gloves before starting your IV, that’s okay. I get it. Hospitals are the easiest place to get infections....more

People forget: We're supposed to be nice

I've been part of an interviewing panel at my company. We've searched through a score of resumes and talked to a lot of people. My favorite part of the interviews come when the candidates ask us about our team and we can talk about how we are like a family. (It gives me the warm fuzzies every time.) At some point, the candidates will usually mention how nice we all seem....more


WHEN YOU MEET UP WITH A THOUGHT BLOCK…..Most days for me I simply have so many great ideas that I simply don’t have the time to write all of them down. I do write the thoughts down but I can’t always put them in blog form or book form in preparation for a book….but there are those few days when I come up with a THOUGHT BLOCK….Where my words and inspirations simply do not flow like they normally do……Days where perhaps an answer to a problem does not come right away….So what do I do?...more

An Open Mind

NaBloPoMo – BlogHer – March 2014Tuesday, March 25, 2014 What is your favourite personality trait that you possess?~~~~~~~~It would be much easier to write about my least favorite personality traits. For instance, I’m trusting to a fault; I am closed, guarded, and secretive; I do not handle change very well; I can be complacent and indifferent; I am insecure, lack self-confidence, and have low self-esteem....more

I am an Old Car...

Dear Health Care Professionals, I am an old car... I know you've seen a thousand makes and models just like me this month.  I know we all have similar complaints; after all there are only so many things that can go wrong.  I know we're all looking to you to be fixed, but... I don't care about the other nine hundred and ninety-nine and when we're together... nor should you. I am an old car... I know you feel unappreciated, overworked and unrewarded.  Don't we all?  I'm only asking you to do what you've been trained for, what you signed up for... ...more

Advice from a Compromising Carer

According to Carers UK one in six adults are carers – that’s about six million of us and in 2037 the charity expect this figure to increase to nine million.  It’s the catch-22 having to watch someone you love fall ill or at least to see their mobility deteriorate.  Be it a father or mother, a much loved grandparent, aunt or uncle or in some cases even our siblings or children carers are often faced with a sudden change in reality.  In the UK stories of caring and carers has never before been at the forefront o...more

Moving Beyond "How Can I Help": Five Practical Ways to Make a Difference

My friend Mona has breast cancer and is undergoing arduous chemotherapy treatments. When I first found out, I was quick to offer her a word of encouragement and an offer of help. “If there’s anything I can do for you, please let me know.” I know she appreciated my offer and saw my heart of caring, but now I also know it wasn’t enough.Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way....more

Taking care of myself in a crisis

 Like most of us, I didn’t breeze through life without any hardships. I have been through a great deal while riding this ride of life. Some were more painful then others. Most people would probably want take away the worst things that have happened in their life, the memories of a painful past and all the difficult feelings that came along with them. I am no expert, but I would guess that would be a normal and natural response, it certainly used to be mine....more