How to Help Yourself by Helping Others

Sometimes we hold on so tight on our lives that we feel trapped and we can’t understand our problems. However, if we shift focus to others, we can realize how to solve our problems. Also, our problems are minor comparing the ones of others and that is why by helping them we often can help ourselves. In my past, I had the same problem: I was so focused on myself and I kept banging my head against the wall but still couldn’t figure out my life. Meanwhile, others needed my help, so I turned around, helped them and by doing so, managed to heal myself completely....more

Why Are Activities Versatile in Caregiving?

Did you know that activities can be adapted in caregiving?I saw this first and most clearly with my mother. She was a lifelong seamstress who taught adults in her work before marriage and later my sisters and me as children. She also was a crocheter and could knit, although she preferred crocheting....more

Caregiving Tip: Remember to Reminisce

The difference between asking your carereceiver to Remember or to Reminisce can transform caregiving from burden to blessing....more

5 Ways to Improve Quality of Life for the Elderly

I'm so grateful that my mom still has great eyesight.  She is an avid reader and loves logic ...more

The Invisible Generation

Late one night in mid December, I stood in the check-out line at a Target store to purchase several children's toys for a holiday fundraiser. The line was moving slowly, and the people ahead of me were grumbling about the cashier's inability to move things along faster. I understood their frustration---my feet ached from being on them all day and I desperately wanted to be home in my cozy bed. ...more

Alzheimer's, the "Sleeping Giant," is Now Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

A new study about death and Alzheimer’s disease made headlines yesterday.  It revealed what all of us in the Alzheimer’s community already knew: Alzheimer’s disease is a “sleeping giant” and it is dramatically under-reported as the cause of death, especially in older Americans....more

Is Just $4,000 Enough to Keep You out of a Nursing Home?

The Cost of Aging in PlaceA new program in Baltimore called Community Aging in Place, Advancing Better Living for Elders, or CAPABLE for short, is successfully proving the point that even small changes can allow seniors to stay in their homes and avoid moving into expensive nursing facilities. The initial goal of the project was to see how much just $4,000 could improve the safely and mobility of a senior....more

Caregivers Need Care Too

If you are the caregiver, it is sometimes hard to admit that you need time apart from the person you care for day in and day out. You love them, you want them to have the best care possible, and you want to be there for the person for whom you care. But, this often means that you get no private time. There is no time for you to have thoughts for yourself, for you to run errands, or even to just take a walk. Unfortunately, while you think you are doing good, this constant lack of attention for yourself may be hurting both you and your loved one. ...more
Great point. All caregivers need a break,more