6 Ways to Spring Into Your Natural Haircare Regimen

Although spring is officially just a few days away! This means swimsuits, vacations, and of course your springtime haircare regimen. In each season, your natural haircare regimen should change because of the moisture, or lack thereof, in the air. The question is how do we keep our natural hair moisturized while doing all those springtime activities. Here are 6 tips to spring into your natural haircare regimen:...more
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Best DIY hair masque EVER

Ingredients1/2 banana2tbsp honey2tbsp coconut oil1/2 avacado1 eggDirections...more

My Naturalversary

3 Years Natural...more

My Sew-In Story, Part 2

Washing My HairLast week I started this story; this week it gets a little juicier!!As the week went on, I got more and more curious about what my hair looked like. I'd done my research on YouTube and convinced myself that I could wash my hair on my own, I didn't need to go to the salon! This was mistake number one!...more

Hair Wash Regimen: Full Wash Series

We’ve been going strong with the Hair Wash Regimen series. Washing is so important, many stylist quote the same phrase “Your hair styling begins at the shampoo bowl”. Did anyone notice what word they used in that saying? Shampoo. Ok I’m off my soap box..wait I did it again....more

When Should You Cleanse Your Natural Hair?

The natural hair journey is completely different for each individual. Some naturals shampoo their hair each day (yikes!).  Some shampoo every few days or so, and others cleanse their hair about as often as they did when they went to the salon as a relaxed beauty. Is there a right way or wrong way? Well, there certainly are some fundamentals to it all....more