Do You Need to Wait In-Between Applying Your Skincare Products?

Should your morning or evening skincare routine be a waiting game?  Is there really a need to wait a certain period of time between applying your skincare products?The answer is both yes and no.Yes, you need to wait...more

Stop Doing Those Facial Exercies! Give Yourself a Facial Massage Instead

A while back a college friend of mine contacted me via Facebook to tell me that she was doing facial exercises nightly in order to maintain and improve her appearance and thought that she was getting good results.  But she was wondering if perhaps she was just seeing things and if facial exercises actually work.  I quickly emailed her back with a link to Paula Begoun’s take on facial exercise which, in a word, is that they are bogus.  What are facial exercises anyhow? ...more

Pollution and Your Skin

How often do you think about pollution?  Outdoor pollution or even indoor pollution?  If you are lucky enough to live in a place that is not adversely affected by pollution you might rarely give it a second thought.  Well today is a good time to give some thought to protecting both yourself and your skin on a daily basis...more

Great post, I especially found it useful where you stated about antioxidents. These are very ...more

Can You Erase Stretch Marks?

I think that stretch marks are up there with cellulite as one of the more annoying yet typical skincare issues that millions of people suffer from.  I keep seeing commercials on TV for creams that claim to get rid of ...more

Buyer Beware: How to Protect Yourself From False Skincare Product Claims

I’ve written a post in the past about how to be savvy skincare product consumer, but once I wrote my post explaining ...more

All About Exfoliation

Everyone needs to exfoliate, and you’ll be delighted with the results if you do. Why Should You Exfoliate? First off, the term exfoliation refers to the removal, either by peeling, rubbing, or sloughing off, of dead skin cells on the outer layer of the epidermis -the stratum corneum.  The exfoliant is the product is that helps you with this process.  The benefits of exfoliation are numerous and include: Smoother skin...more